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My Dear Friend, I have been remembering you every time I take a deep breath, or walk with my pelvis tilted in power stance! I learned so much in our time together - about the importance of giving ourselves the best, in power foods, in attention, in our focus.  

Balance is so important in life, and I feel our time together was my re-start button for love and balance in my life.  To remember that I am special, I need to take care of my self and that God loves me as I am. I love your song…”I believe it’s my time”….and yes, it is. 

Thank you for everything most sincerely. Your knowledge and your resources are phenomenal. And you are a joy. I look forward to keeping in close touch so we can keep up with the important things in life.

Hugs, Jennifer, 3/2015

Guatemala Conscious Travel - October 31-November 7, 2015

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Jill Ayn Schneider is an expert in the field of Juice Fasting Detoxification. She healed herself of malignant cervical cancer at the age of 29. At her present age of 69, Jill has a gift to motivate and inspire. Attend one of her retreats and your life will change forever!!!

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Learn about Jill Ayn Schneider's Cancer Story


2014 Interview of Jill Schneider, Director, with Chris Wark, Colon Cancer survivor...about how she healed herself of Cervical Cancer in 1975. Looking great for almost 70 years of age.

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Joe Cross, of Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, with Jill Schneider

Jill Schneider stands out as one of the most important influences in my adult life. While holding my hand during the juice fast, sometimes literally, she walked me from unconscious eating to a deep honoring of my body, mind and spirit.Nestled in her rapt attention, served the finest greens and juices imaginable all prepared with love, I was nourished, inspired and motivated. I have dropped three dress sizes in 5 months, make healthy eating and juicing my priority, developed a heightened awareness with reduced inner chatter and love how life feels again. 2012 Liz Sterling, Author, Radio Broadcaster, HuffPost Blogger