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Thank you for finding me and listening to my story.

You have a problem with Cervical Cancer or just pre-cancerous issues. I can't give you a cure (that is something that your body does), but I can help you to boost your immune system. By ridding the body of toxins, and boosting your body's needs for high level nutrition from raw foods, fresh organic juices, green smoothies, sleeping more soundly, forgiving yourself and other, will get healthier. You also will need emotional support to take you into a more hopeful and positive mind set. This is what we will focus on.

I'm 43 years a survivor of Class V Cervical Cancer. I never had a biopsy, so I didn't know the Stage number (which they didn't have back then), however, the doctor said it was conclusive malignant on two Pap tests, and that I needed a Hysterectomy immediately. I was 29 years old and had no children. Listen to my interview with Chris Wark in 2014 at the Annie Appleseed Conference in West Palm Beach, FL.

I have been in the field of Holistic Healing for 40 years, and 35 of which has been as a Licensed Massage Therapist. (FL#MA9313) During that period I have learned a broad range of holistic healing related subjects. I'm also quite intuitive in a very natural simple manner.

Not only will you get to speak with me personally, but I will also daily send you support materials such as:

benefits of juicing


castor oil pack instructions

enema instructions

garlic suppositories


where to buy what you need at the best price

After the Cleanse:

I will also guide you off the cleanse and help you set up a food plan which will include lots of juice and smoothies and a couple of healthy meals per day. The transition will be smooth and your bowels will come back better than before. Giving your body a rest is a true gift of a lifetime. And you will have a healthier life by fasting at least once per year or more.

Possible results of a 3-5 day supervised juice fast.

Weightloss (1 lb per day)

Mental Clarity by the 3rd day

Boosting Your Immune System - Gaining confidence that you can heal yourself!!!

Motivation To Feel Good and to continue to Feel Good

Shifting Priorities for Business, Home and Personal Life

How to find a quiet place within yourself to stay focused on a positive thought process.

Below you will find some sample subjects that can be covered during our phone/Skype fasting detox sessions. There are no silly questions. In order to succeed, it's all about being secure in the process of allowing your body to heal itself. Whether you have done fasting on your own before or not, sometimes you just need a "supervised reboot" and I can help you with that.

  • Preparation for Juice Fast - creating the best cleansing program for your present needs.
  • Equipment - Best juicer for your budget,lifestyle, for best juice, fastest juicer, etc.
  • Juice suggestions for your particular health issues
  • Storing the juice so as not to lose enzymes, vitamins and minerals
  • Age, weight, goals, support of friends and family
  • Importance of Rest - However, you can go to work and still do a cleanse (depends)
  • Worldly responsibilities during the fast
  • Additional healing from Castor Oil Packs, Special Baths, Essential Oils, Massages
  • Skin Brushing and Tongue Cleaning
  • Bentonite Clay - for bathing and internal use

Jill's Memoir called Cancer Healed is included

Session Choices