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MasterCleanse Program and Retreat

Women's Master Cleanse 5-Day Detox Retreat

Dates and Locations - TBA

Includes the Following:

  • Unlimited Master Cleanse drinks, Spring water, Smooth Move Tea, Salt Water flush instructions with sea salt. Organic lemons, Grade B Maple Syrup, complete supervision.
  • Beach walks daily 5 minute drive. Ocean swimming.
  • Field trips to nature museums and art districts.
  • 1 Integrative Massage and Energy Healing Treatments
  • One Reflexology treatment with Castor Oil pack.
  • One colon hydrotherapy treatment
  • Self-Acupressure for Pain Relief and Healing
  • Meditation, Guided Imagery
  • Educational DVD's in the evening. Chick flicks also. LOL

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