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Disclaimer: These are personal accomplishments of individuals who experienced a powerful change in their lives. Not everyone who goes through this detox program will be able to see these exact types of results.

Dear Jill,
I came across your video with Chris Wark on the internet. After watching your interview with him, I was so inspired and decided to reach out to you and call. During our conversation, I was blown away at your willingness to help orhers and how you embody the mind, body and spirit while encouraging, supporting and coaching others in their detox and healing journey. So many people can benefit what you have to offer and your consultations are reasonbly priced. I would encourage anyone diagnosed with cancer to seek you out and embark on your program before they succumb to conventional medicine.
Our bodies are created to heal on their own if we just get out of the way and give it what needs. You provide the tools to help those that want to choose a more holistic and natural approach in helping the body heal. I highly recommend you.
With sincerest regards,
Corrine (Kansas City)

For anyone looking to transform their health and their thinking, Jill Schneider is a gift from heaven.

Jill understands what it takes to maintain or recover good health. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and can lead you to the promised land of health and well being. Jill has walked the walk.She is a cancer survivor through a holistic approach that avoided the poisons and mutilation of conventional medicine. Frankly, she knows far more than most doctors I have known about wellness.

Her office is the sundrenched beach of Delray Beach, Florida. I encouraged anyone who wants to change their life and get healthy to contact this spectacular person for a consultation. Sincerely, G. Dino Tolias DDS 1/17

I spent  a week under the  guidance  of  Jill Schneider for the purpose  of rejuvenating both my body and mind. And it worked! We  started our day and ended with homemade  juice  made from  organic fruits and vegetables.  Our days consisted of long walks on the  beach, expert massages  by Jill herself, yoga and local exploration  of the Melbourne Beach area. One day  we visited  a local  turtle ssanctuary!

I was a stressed out executive that needed rest of the body and mind. I received the rejuvenation that I needed. I lost 9 pounds. My blood pressure stabilized and medicine has been decreased. My digestive system corrected itself. A month later I have maintained a 7 pound weight loss and basically a vegan diet.  This all stemmed from one week of Fasting with Jill. I will be doing the same process again within six months. If you are looking for a transformation, I would suggest you get on her calendar quickly. Angela, October, 2016

Cervical Cancer:

I got in touch with Jill following a diagnosis of cervical andenocarcinoma. The medical plan was to remove a part of my cervix, but I was told that if cancer cells were still present following this initial surgery, they would need to complete another surgery which would compromise my ability to have children. I am 30 years old and have not yet had any children, so this was scary for me! I have always believed in the body’s ability to heal itself and I wanted to be proactive and try my absolute best to minimize the risk of having two surgeries – so my first step was to contact Jill.

Within a few hours of emailing Jill out of the blue, she sent me a bunch of resources to start my self-healing journey toward wellness. I skyped Jill a few times for extra guidance and support and she was absolutely wonderful.  She was able to normalize my experience, provide reassurance and clarification as to what I should be doing and focusing on. I started juicing every day (usually one green juice and one carrot juice), had healthy smoothies daily, spent lots of time in nature, regularly attended acupuncture appointments, colon hydrotherapy, Vitamin C injections through my naturopathic doctor, castor oil packs and garlic suppositories. I also ended up taking a month off of work. This was very hard for me to do because I knew if I told people at work what I was doing, most would look at me like I had two heads (I cannot wait for the day that our medical system truly becomes integrative!) In speaking with Jill about this, she really put things into perspective for me. She made me realize that taking a month off was so important for my life, my body and my future plans to have children.

Without Jill’s guidance and support throughout my journey, I would have felt lost and overwhelmed with all the contradicting information found on the internet.  Jill’s expertise in this area, along with her life experience, made me feel so confident in her ability to guide me.

To conclude, after the initial surgery, there were no more signs of cancer cells present. Although I’ll never know if the results would have been different if I hadn’t engaged in these self-healing activities, it doesn’t matter because the experience left me feeling empowered, healthy, and much more knowledgeable in regards to self-healing practices. And of note, I just found out that I am pregnant!

Tania T, Halifax, NS, Sept. 2016

Melbourne Beach - 5 Day Master Cleanser Retreat

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jill, Anabella and Sara on a retreat 
for a master cleanse that Jill had organized.  I had been to the doctors 5 times
in the last 3 months, trying to figure out why I was in a constant state of asthma 
attack.  I had already been using an inhaler for the past 6 months daily, and 
now my doctor was having me use a breathing machine twice a day.  I was 
barely breathing, very sad, and no energy at all!   I had been following Jill’s
work many years ago, and searched for her. We all met at Indianaltantic Beach near Melbourne Beach, FL,and began the cleanse.  It was a beautiful experience, in a beautiful place and with beautiful people!!
I had my machine and inhalers with me but did not want to use them, it was not the
kind of quality of life I wanted.  By Tuesday I was breathing ok, not feeling great because my body was starting to detox. On Wednesday I starting coming back to life again! Thursday, I looked like a new women and felt great!  I had more energy than ever. Breathing was normal and I was recovering.  When home on Friday afternoon,
I stayed with master cleanse, broth and juices for a few more days.  I could not
have done it by myself, when you feel that bad, you need someone to support and
encourage you to keep going.  Jill is fabulous with her support, coaching, massage,
reflexology, it's what facilitated my healing.  I feel is was a miracle.  Thank you, Jill.
and thank you to the lovely women who joined me on this retreat, they made the
experience that more wonderful!!
Most Sincerely, Susan Bez 9/4/2016

Fasting Group

Happy Campers!

This was a picture of Sara and her niece Tracy on the right, me to their left and Wendy from Colorado. We did well. Everyone kept up their energy nicely.

Sara has been with me on two other ocassions and I hope to get her soon under my guidance. It's easy to forget yourself when there is so much going on in our lives.

A Story of Bravery and Trust:

On Monday May 2, 2016, my 65th yr on this planet...
I was told, my polyp biopsy came back Positive, a High Grade of Uterine Cancer! My Dr told me, I would need a Total Hysterectomy, and Hopefully it didn't Spread! She gave me phone numbers of a few Oncologists.

My first stop after that Grrr8 News, was my friend Arlene, who helped her boyfriend,with different Homeopathic Remedies, (I wanted some of That STUFF!)
Cure his prostate cancer, Stage IV, and Spreading in other areas of his body!  She did pass these cures on to me. My next call was to another friend, Darby, who came over and suggested we call Friend, Jill Schneider, who also cured herself of Cervical Cancer Stage IV!  

The Very Next Day, Darby & I went to visit Jill, where she had been waiting for me, A Whole Regime Of CLEANING OUT & HOW TO DO IT, In LISTS Of WHAT TO DO, EVERY HOUR Of The DAY, NATURALLY & with Everything ORGANIC!!!   .... Lemon Water, Smoothies, Juicing, Veggie Broth, Wheat Grass, Coffee Enemas, Walks, Talks, Resting, Massages, Colonics, Acupuncture, Far Infrared Saunas, Listening to DVDs, "The Truth About Cancer!"  Yikes!  Sooo Much To LEARN in A Short Time!  My Head Was Spinning! So Jill & Darby suggested It would be Best for me to leave my environment for a week or two!

... and Darby Offered Her House, for A GET AWAY and FOCUS ON, JUST "ME!" That was A FIRST! I found myself at Darby's for a week, and she showed me EVERYTHING I NEEDED To LEARN, via Jill's Instructions!  OMG!  It Was An INTENSIVE COURSE!  I LOVED IT!  Always wanted to shift my Eating Habits, but just didn't know how to start?! 

So here is This BLESSING IN DISGUISE, that Gave me a SWIFT KICK Into The Hands of Knowledgeable Individuals, to Assists Me Along On This FAB JOURNEY!  WHEW!

Four weeks later, my Blood Tests showed, the Cancer Marker came back Normal, along with the other tests, and the cancer Did Not Spread!  Yippeeeee!
I am Sooo THANKFUL for Jill's Guidance & Friendship! 

She was with me All The Way! She Walks Her Talk, and is A REAL, NO FEAR PIONEER, who is On A Mission to HELP Others,as She has Helped Herself, Heal Cancer in A Take Charge, Loving, Organic Healthy Life Style!Mind, Body & Spirit!  You Glow Girl! She's Someone YOU WANT To KNOW! Many Thanx, Jill Schneider!   I LOVE U!From A Healthier Me,

AnNETte Capizzi xox 06/28/16

Dr Carolle Jean-Murat

I have not only been juice fasting with Jill Schneider for many years, but also taking advantage of her precise skills as a Holistic Life Coach. Jill has a gift of clarity that has rubbed off and pointed me in solid directions as I open up my mind in order to shift my perspective of health and healing.  Presently, Jill is advising me to offer certain evidence-based modalities for serious diseases such as cancer and diabetes. She has been actively gathering knowledge from the Holistic viewpoint for the past 35 years.

Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, MD Board-Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Intuitive Healer – Illuminator of the Spirit

STAGE 4 Cervical Cancer HEALED IN JUST WEEKS!!! 2/07/2016
In June of 2015, my dear friend Stephanie was diagnosed with cervical cancer for the 2nd time.She chose radiation the first time, but it came back with vengeance, stage 4 ,and spreading. It did not look good for her.  Rewind:  I met Stephanie when she bought an exotic kitten from me. A year or so later, she bought a 2nd kitten from me who kept laying on her abdomen night after night. We know now that the kitten could sense the cancer. Stephanie told her husband she would Never to chemo ever again and wanted to go with natural healing. 
At first her husband was sure she would die if Stephanie didn't get chemo.  I offered to do the nutritional diet with her, and started by looking on youtube. I found Jill Schneider and Chris Wark, both cancer survivors talking about the cure. I called Jill and we spoke to her about the natural cancer curing protocol. Immediately, Stephanie's husband got on board, and started preparing all organic food for her.
Just weeks after following Jill's protocol, Stephanie was pronounced cancer free.Her doctor could not find any cancer in her cervix or in her blood. She is cancer free to this day and continues to eat delicious organic foods. I am so grateful for God answering our prayers for Stephanie and for leading us to Jill. I too am organic now, and have to thank Jill for all the helpful information which in turn allowed me to cure lymphoma in two cats. Jill, thank-you from the bottom of our hearts.
Bless you,
DeAnna Lee, Stephanie and hubby and my cats.

I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of my 80 year old Dad. I know that he felt better working with you and I think this is exactly what he was looking for. I also want to thank you for guiding and educating us in diet and nutrition. We learned a lot from you. You are a wealth of information and I wish we could have had more time with you. I'm grateful that I was able to be apart of this journey with my Dad and feel blessed that I was also able to receive help in changing my lifestyle. I know this takes daily conscious effort and intention. I'm trying to be aware of eating slower, chewing longer and being much more selective with foods. Thank you again. Laura D., 01/16

I had the pleasure of working with Jill for several years while I was the front desk manager of a hotel where her clients stayed during their retreats. I always enjoyed meeting her guests and watching their dramatic transformations occur. Many times, her clients would arrive looking sick, miserable, or frustrated with life in general. I would often personally see to their checks ins and tours of the property because I could tell that they were not feeling well or in a delicate emotional state. I would check on them often during their stays, and I enjoyed watching the gradual shift in their physical and mental health occur. By day three or four, I could visibly see the color return to their faces. Some of the grumpiest of the bunch would become unrecognizable now that they were finally smiling! At check out, it was always a delight to hear about what an amazing time they had during their retreats. Some were excited that they had lost weight and felt physically better, while others had experienced a drastic improvement in attitude and mental clarity. I fully believe that these people had life changing experiences during their time with Jill.  Jill Schneider has a wealth of information about juicing, self healing, and clean/green living. She has shared advice with me on treating my own auto-immune condition and the instructions have always been beneficial. When I went down my own path of juicing, yoga, and meditation, her unique advice and time tested recipes were a big help. I had already researched quite a bit on my own on sites like MindBodyGreen and by watching documentaries, but Jill's advice was special. I felt comfortable asking her questions that I would not want to leave on a message board, and I felt that much of her knowledge was gained through experience and trying out techniques herself. I also have gotten to sample several of the juices and broths that Jill made personally, and they were delicious and energy boosting. I confidently recommend her services to friends and family, and was happy to write this glowing personal review of her talent and services.Tara B., 12/15

Just One phone conversation and Melanie fixed the ISSUE 17 years ago(?) I found her on Linkedin. I remembered her name.

Jill, You probably don't recall...but I certainly do - you changed my life!  About 15 years ago I had some cervical cancer issues and had reached out to you. You were kind enough to take my call and tell me all about your journey...after which...I started juicing, doing colonics and reversed the cellular changes/cancer.  After everything became normal again I even went on to do an Ironman triathlon on green juices!  And here I am 15 years on still "clean" (although must admit I lead more of a "normal" diet - although hopefully healthier than average).  So yes, I am forever, ever, ever grateful for your wisdom and kindness. You really did change my life and are truly special and inspirational! 

I had lots of fear - and all my family and friends were against it, but the conviction in your voice led me to believe it just had to work...or was worth trying (and within 3 months the doctors could already see the cells changing). So - I know I keep saying it - but I truly am so grateful. Melanie A., 9/2015 New York City

Client I was nourished by both Jill’s holistic eating regimen and her care.  Her unequivocally intimate and well-rounded approach to health and healing were life-changing for me.   After I returned home, I was able to immediately implement all that I had learned about juicing, detoxification, self-nurture and relaxation.   Through Jill’s program I’ve come to understand that I’m not a cancer survivor rather I’m a cancer conqueror!  Jill, thank you for everything and be well always – Marilyn, New Jersey 7/2015 

Phone Fasting Client: I am blown away by the fact that I actually stuck to the juice fast just with Jill's help over the phone. Amazing. I would have caved in for sure without her help. Jill has a unique talent to get down to business and figure out why I treat myself so badly and then, to help me truly make a committment to getting healthy and happy. I have a renewed stength and positive outlook, which she contagiously passed on to me. Thank you Jill, you have made a major dent in this girl's head, heart and spirit. Sue D. 7/2015

Dear Jill, Our time together for 5 days was more than I could have ever anticipated. You are so cool. My family is thrilled to see me happy with myself and my new health realizations. I look forward to coming back, once a year to even learn more from you. Your juices are really good. Thanks for the recipes. Your smoothies are very filling and kept me so satified during the retreat. Thanks for everything. Sandy T., 06/2015

Phone Fasting Client: Jeffrey insisted on fasting on water, but I encourage him to at least use some fresh lemon. He's still on track. God Bless.

Jill, I want to express my appreciation for the motivation, knowledge, positive spirit and commitment that you’ve shared with me during my fast.  I am now in day 7 of my 17 day water fast, and you have contributed significantly to my success thus far.

Speaking with you over the phone, texting, and emailing has proven to be a successful method of keeping me on track to meet my goals.  I have lost approximate 20 pounds in the first 7 days and anticipate losing 40 by the end of the fast.

More than the weight loss, the changing of my mindset relative to a healthy lifestyle, consist ing of eating organic food, controlling portion sizes, and loving and respecting my body is the major benefit that I have realized from our relationship. Thank you so much!  You’ve helped to change my life! Jeffrey G. 6/2015

Thank you Jill for the wonderful experience for my 7 day retreat stay.  I loved the location and the hotel. Most of all, I lost 7 pounds and was not hungry!After having been to other raw / juice detox spas, I now realize that I was “ under juiced” at the spas!  Also I now realize that the juice cleanses I used to buy for 2-3 days at a time, were expensive and not enough juices provided!One of my big takeaways is that we do not have to go hungry.  

Yes, we will have cravings, but not hunger.Although my detox symptoms were mild, I believe that the juices that you provided were carefully thought out in order to reduce my symptoms. You were also so knowledgeable and caring.The whole experience was great, the days were full of joyful activities such as walking on the beach and the salt room.  I learned much about the all aspects of healthy life style. Sincerely, Patricia T., 4/2015

Jill, I'm glad you're on the planet, helping with your fiery healer energy, which is so positive, and gives many people inspiration and transformative information. Elaine D. 3/2015

I miss you as well and have been remembering you every time I take a deep breath, or walk with my pelvis tilted in power stance! I learned so much in our time together - about the importance of giving ourselves the best, in power foods, in attention, in our focus.   Balance is so important in life, and I feel our time together was my re-start button for love and balance in my life.  To remember that I am special, I need to take care of my self and that God loves me as I am. I love your song…”I believe it’s my time”….and yes, it is. Thank you for everything most sincerely. Your knowledge and your resources are phenomenal. And you are a joy. I look forward to keeping in close touch so we can keep up with the important things in life.Hugs, Jennifer K, 3/2015 (Day Client from Delray Beach).

Holistic Cancer Phone Coaching Client: Dear Jill, You are my angel. I've made some great changes in my thinking, my health routine and in my kitchen. Your encouragement and meticulous information, even just over the phone, emails and Skype, have really made a difference. Thank you also for the information about the Annie Appleseed Project and their work in the field of Alternative and Complementary approaches to cancer. I hope to come down to Florida for a full program with you later on this Spring. Ellen D., 2/15

I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! After a year of unexplained rashes and headaches, multiple rounds of steroids and creams, and just feeling hopeless, I decided it was time to hit the "reset button" with a cleanse. I had the amazing opportunity to spend 5 days with you juicing, learning and healing. When I got home I had lost 7 pounds, but more importantly I feel better than I have in years – focused, energetic and full of hope. My skin cleared up and my whole body and mind just seem to be functioning better. The personal, one-on-one attention you gave made all of the difference – you customized the juices for me, you encouraged me when I wanted to give up, and you educated me on nutrition, raw food and colon health. I went out right away and bought a juicer and my husband has joined me in making juicing an important part of our daily lives. I will be eternally grateful to you for giving me the power and motivation to make the necessary changes I needed to become a healthier and happier person. I plan on coming back to do a juice fast with you ever year! 1/15

Kelly Mason
CEO & Co-Owner
Morningside House Senior Living

From a Phone Fasting Client: I love your words, your encouragement and your attentiveness. Thank you. Betsy M. 2015

Dear Jill, Thank you for the AMAZING day at your Healing Retreat! All it took me was one profound day of juicing and getting on your Chi Machine and Inversion Machine to really get the healing process started! Now I am Juicing and eating Healthy and have a deeper understanding of how IMPORTANT what you do is to heal the world. Thank you for holding the SPACE!!! Highest Recommendation, Cantor David Moses Presler, MS, SC  January, 2015

More than anything, I needed a rest. The fast took me to a place where I had no more excuses. I did the Pre-fast and Jill saw how it made the week with her so much more productive. I feel like I did many years ago as a much younger woman. My juicer and blender are on automatic. Beverly, December, 2014

I'm new, I'm alive again. I feel my body and it's very happy. Jill really knows her stuff. May the light of God continue to shine through her. Rose, November, 2014

Dear Jill: I can't tell you how fortunate I feel after spending 10 days with you. You made fasting and learning and making life changes so easy and comfortable. I was not hungry and was inspired, encouraged and motivated by your very personal attention and your life experiences. You are a teacher who really knows her stuff and cares about helping others. As a bonus, I lost 10 pounds and feel so wonderful I will definitely continue with juicing as part of my new healthy regime. Thank you again and again!!!  Babs, 08/12/14 (75 years of age)

Dear Jill, I'm doing great - I bought a high end juicer and every day I have been drinking a juiced drink containing beets(greens and root) apples, carrots, lemons and ginger. It's pretty gross but it's growing on me. I have been off of meats since our phone call and guess what.... I have been pooping everyday!! And it feels great lol! I no longer feel backed up and it's just been under a week. I don't plan on stopping meats all together but doing a major major cut down for sure. Thank you for all of your help. I'm going to start experiencing with juicing many other fruits and veggies :)  Kristen, Phone Client 8/2/14

Jill, you kindly wrote to me quite a bit when I had cancer. I healed it first time naturally but second time round couldn't. But you really did your best for me and helped to keep me going when I wanted 'out of here'.  Denise, UK 2014

Fasting with Jill Jill, You are truly an inspiration, I am finding it difficult to know which words to use to convey my gratitude for what you have done for me (and many others). What a gift you have, as I have learned through you - we all have been born with a gift. I know that I am awakened now and only will be "blossoming daily" as I gain knowledge each and everyday. You have made these past 10 days a joy. I truly enjoyed each day. I knew before I arrived here, my life would be changed forever, I just didn't know how. I will miss you. Can't wait to see you in Australia. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Susan, Sydney, Australia. May, 2014

Hi Jill, hope this note finds you well and progressing steadily on your creative path. Just had a follow up visit with a pulmonologist. If you remember, I had suspicious spots in my lungs and mediastinum with no symptoms. My husband, Dan and I have continued juicing and we are enjoying a vegan diet. Thanks to all the reference material you provided during my 5 day visit, we have jumped in and even with having to feed 20 plus people(carnivores), we maintain our new resolve to eat healthy. Quinoa chili is a staple and even many of the meat eaters wanted my recipe and couldn't believe it had no meat. For Easter we are having lentil shepherd's pie with pureed cauliflower.

But back to the CT scan. The areas in the mediastinum are gone and though there are still some areas in my lungs, several have become less dense and are shrinking. The Dr of course can't explain the results and want to see me in one year. Dan and I know that it is because of providing ourselves with better nutrition and eliminating all animal products(nothing with a face), dairy , eggs, and oils. I am waiting to see the results of my cholesterol levels but am sure every one but me will be surprised at the results. Dan has lost 20 pounds and I am down a solid 14. I never thought I would be able to maintain a healthy weight but now feel it is in my grasp. Thank you again for your support and guidance. We share the word with all who listen Sincerely yours, Jeanne Decker 4/14

I left the snow of Colorado to juice with Jill in the warmth of Florida. I was in need of a cleanse after months of wine, breads, salt and sugar. I have an overall “healthy” diet but I was feeling tired, bloated and my brain was foggy. After 5 days of juice and rejuvenation I am back home with a new self. I lost weight, my skin glows and my thirst for wine has been replaced with an abundance of JOY. My bagels have been replaced with green juice. My evening wine replaced with hugs from my daughter. Thank you Jill!   Wendy T., February, 2014

Post Fast Comment: Our growth continues. We both love our new way of eating. Using all kinds of new vegetables and combinations and feel so alive. Walking twice a day, I really want to get a bike, all in good time. I either need to start a compost pile or find a local organic gardener to compost our juicing pulp. Thank you again for all your support and guidance. The 5 days really has changed the way we are caring for our bodies and minds. I can't stop sharing all I have learned. Yes and I have changed hair and face products, my skin is being so nourished from the inside out, I need fewer items. May God bless you, Jeanne, February, 2014

Phone Coaching Program:
I’m grateful for my ten day fast on the Master Cleanse.  It took 7 days to get quiet enough to listen as I still had a life to live.  I don’t know if it would have been possible to do by myself: I rather doubt it. I checked in with Jill on the average of one email in the a.m. and one phone call in the evening: that worked for me.   I had questions and it was great simply to ask “the expert” and not have to do the research myself.  My time was spent on more important things. On top of the 8th day, I woke up with knowing what my next work was going to be!   It was precisely why I did the fast in the first place.  If there is confusion, doubt and angst going on in one’s life, if there’s been too much coffee, running around, and busy-ness,  there are methods to ‘end the madness of everyday living.’   For me, a ten day fast is one of the most dependable methods of focusing attention on “what’s next?”  It worked.  I am grateful. Thanks, Jill!!  Some day, I look forward to the luxury of an ‘on-site’ fast w/ massage, walks, fresh juices  and the camaraderie  of others. Karen F, Ph.D., Sunnyvale, CA 12/2013

Our daily hour over the past couple of weeks has made a noticeable change in my health and my attitude toward myself and others. I had completely given up and gone on a destructive path of wrong eating. You truly helped me to turn this around. Your soothing voice calmed me down and your words gave me the insight that I needed to take a real look at my situation. Your encouragement to get into the kitchen and carve out time for proper nutrition worked. I am now adding smoothies and juices into my daily regime, along with better choices of healthy food. I'm even sharing some of the drinks with my children and husband. Thank you, Jill. I look forward to one day coming to see you for a complete fasting program. Marjorie, New York, 2013.

Phone Coaching Program: Thank you again for all of your wisdom and help.  Know that you touched a life in a powerful way.  I sense you are the type of person who feels energized by such endeavors. Carol, NJ, December, 2013

I spent 5 fantastic days with Jill in October 2013. After my husband had passed two year prior (one week after our daughter’s 1st birthday), I had turned to food as comfort and realized I had to find my way back to a healthy lifestyle. Prior to and after my 5 days with her, she encouraged me to cleanse and make healthier choices. In the month of October, I lost 15 lbs, and I have continued to lose more weight since my visit. During my visit, she educated me on spiritual matters, juicing, cleansing and detoxing, aromatherapy oils, acupuncture, colonics, and mediation. She gives amazing massages, and she makes you feel so relax and comfortable. Jill is a great listener, and she has so many wonderful stories to share based on her life experiences. She has always been available to answer any of my questions. Jill has provided me with life changing guidance that I would recommend to anyone. Nicole, October, 2013

I recently spent five days with Jill in Delray Beach. I was familiar with the cleansing, fasting experience having gone several times to We Care in Desert Hot Springs, but now ...Living in Florida and needing a renewal and boost to my not so healthy lifestyle. I FOUND IT! "The Circle of Love"
Jill is amazing, full of knowledge and I am so blessed to have found her.. I have made a new friend, who I can call on when in crisis or just wanting to chat.

After leaving her retreat in Delray Beach, and being overwhelmed with HOW TO start, I asked Jill to come to my home, to help set up my kitchen for better living. We began by going to a health food location to learn how to shop. What a help that was. I can't say enough about my life changing experience with Jill. Sara Jackson, September and October, 2013

August 8th, 2013 was my first day of the retreat with my twin sister, Melissa Pellicci.   I had no idea what to expect, but I knew it was going to be a powerful experience and that good healing was about to take place.  I was finally in a place in my life where I was ready to heal and I knew Jill was the one who would lead me there.  I never would of believed in million years that the healing would come through juicing.  Jill was the perfect mentor for both my sister and I.  Her presence created a space for our healing to happen not only physically, but emotional, mentally and spiritually.  She provided us with delicious healing juices, smoothies and broths. Jill gave us both together and individually exactly what we needed for our healing to health. Melissa and I were able to work through some very deep childhood drama and pain together, that was intense and uncomfortable at times.  Jill was available to us even at the times that she wasn't physically there. My life has changed since that week retreat with Jill. I have become very conscious of the Power Of Food and have given up poor eating habits that I thought I would never be able to live without!!  The additional services that Jill offered during the retreat were very nurturing, exactly what I needed during the fast.  My favorite and most intense treatment was the mouth and jaw massage.. Incredible!!!!   Lastly, towards the end of the retreat, my Mother came to visit and I realized that the "illnesses" that I have owned thus far in my life can and will be healed!  And trust me.. It all starts with Food. Meredith Kramer, 2013

I spent a wonderful five days with Jill, fasting for the first time without stress or anxiety. Jill's skilled hands gave the most unforgettable massages. She also made the very best juices during those five days, which took care of all of my nutritional needs. It was a blessed time when I could focus on my inner self and work through some old issues. Thanks Jill! Doug, August, 2013

Hi Jill. I hope you're doing well? I just had to share this great news with you! I had my annual physical a couple of weeks ago. For the last 5 years (since my fibro diagnosis) my doctor has been measuring my CRP levels. They have ranged from 9 to 13. Normal is 0 to 3. Well, just got my blood test results back and my CRP level is now 1.34!!!!!! All the juicing, organic fruits and veggies, giving up pork and almost all red meat.. plus reducing the stress in my life.. it's all paying off! Thanks so much for being a part of the inspiration to keep me focused on this journey! I am soooo happy! Kelly, 2013

Jill Schneider offered a free phone consult, and after following her newsletter for years, I felt compelled to call her. (I had been feeling 'stuck' with my life.) Wow!  That was one of the best decisions of my life. I just completed a 5-day juice fast with her in lovely Delray Beach,Florida.I have released so many negative emotions, plus 7 pounds!  What a fabulous week it was! Feeling 100% better.Jill provided everything I needed.  Her juices,smoothies and vegetable broth were beyond compare.  I never felt ANY hunger pangs at all. Jill has a wonderful intuitive personality that seems to know just what is needed to make the week a success.  I feel that I have made a life-long friend in Jill.If you are even thinking of experiencing this---just do it!  Jill guides you through with expertise.  I will never forget Jill or this wonderful week. Thank you,Jill....raise the roof!!! Carol, 2013

Holistic Life Coaching: Jill, Thought you'd like to see this message below to my physician telling him I am now off of Lexapro after the three or so months I needed it and thanking him for his help. The same thanks go to you as well. I'm not sure how I would have done it without you. It was an incredibly important decision for me to spend that week in your good care. I.C., Virginia 3/2013

Your work with your Mother, Brother, and the many who testify to your healing therapies attest to the fact that attention to intention works.

My body continues to heal. I am symptomless. I continue to juice every morning and to eat a grains about 4 times per week. Much love and light,Sandra 5/25/13

Dear Jill,
Thank you for a very special retreat. The Juice fast was really an amazing 10 days for me. I have lost weight and feel great! You are a great soul and your compassion and patience and humor (lost keys) made it SO special!
Thank you for an authentic and healing experience!
Meera Gandhi
CEO and Founder
The Giving Back Foundation

Jill Schneider stands out as one of the most important influences in my adult life.

While holding my hand during the juice fast, sometimes literally, she walked me from unconscious eating to a deep honoring of my body, mind and spirit.
Nestled in her rapt attention, served the finest greens and juices imaginable all prepared with love, I was nourished, inspired and motivated.
I went in with huge fear, doubt and uncertainty and emerged, like a butterfly, having undergone a metamorphosis. I have dropped three dress sizes in 5 months, make healthy eating and juicing my priority, developed a heightened awareness with reduced inner chatter and love how life feels again. Jill, thank you for showing me the way to live with enthusiasm, joy, self love and self-care. Liz Sterling, Author, Radio Broadcaster, HuffPost Blogger

I came to you January, 2012 to do your detox program. Remember me? I came to you because I went for an MRI and a lump was found in my breast. It was very suspicious because it wasn't really formed and I was told I needed an immediate biopsy because it was probably cancerous. I decided to take matters into my own hands and come to you to learn to detox and learn about juicing.

When I returned home from seeing you, I continued juicing and was vegan for about 6 months and now vegetarian. I cut out all meat, on rare occasion will have an egg, and about 3 times last year had fish and sometimes cheese. My diet consists of vegetables, fruits, grains, beans nuts and of course dessert sometimes. I have juiced every single day since I returned home. The only break I took was when we visited our son in Nicaragua.

I went for another MRI last week and got my results today. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!!! The lump that was supposed to be cancerous is gone. I couldn't wait to leave and tell my husband because he has been worried the entire year. I told everyone who was skeptical.
I am going out to celebrate tonight with my husband. I was actually going to have LAMB because I have been craving it for over a year. Well I can't find any restaurant that will be serving rack of lamb tonight, so I am going vegetarian as usual.

I wanted to give you this update because you were the only one who believed that I could conquer this. I am so grateful for the help you gave me that week and proud of myself that I was able to continue the diet and my juicing.I will continue my juicing and my diet and occasionally treat myself because I deserve it! Thank you Jill. You were the first person I thought about when I got the results. I hope you are doing well. I read your newsletter every month.Darlene R., 2013 Oh, my NEW website is up

I've had the pleasure of being close friends with Jill Ayn Schnieder for the past 8 years. Since my parents winter in Florida, Jill was introduced to me by a mutual friend, and recommended for massage therapy. I have always booked several massages during my Florida visits. She has experienced healing hands, and I always feel completely relaxed afterwards. She also prepares nourishing and cleansing juices and smoothies, which have an excellent effect on boosting my immune system and giving me the inspiration to take much better care of myself. Jill and I are both musicians, and she has also taken a supportive "Coach" role as I have attempted to further my career as a folksinger. Jill has been an empowering, strong female source of supoort as I have tried to navigate my way in a community which is competetive in nature. She has celebrated my successes and encouraged me to look above and beyond the pettiness of others to acheive my goals. Mara Levine, February, 2013

Phone Fasting Client: The fast went very well. I successfully fasted for 19 days. I broke the fast and was good about taking it slowly for about 5 days and then got a little aggressive and came to the realization to slow down.

I lost 26 lbs. total
and am very happy about my mental clarity and energy. I have continued to go to the ocean about 5 mornings a week to watch the sun rise and meditate which has been very wonderful. I also started a very light weight lifting workout last week which I plan to implement as well. Thank you for your support and insights. Harlan 3/4/13

Jill Schneider is an absolute gem. Not only does she offer deep knowledge and credibility about the solid foundation of improving health through natural living, she offers her services with a reliability and flair that is incomparable. Jill offers a private, complete rejuvenation experience coupled with delicious totally natural health giving foods and practices. Whenever I leave one of her sessions, she pushes back the hands of time, and I feel younger than when I arrived! Although Jill's health supportive regimen will assist with defense against illness, the best use is as a scientifically valid prevention. I highly recommend Jill Schneider for a week, weekend or day spa experience- you will be doing yourself and your 'cells' the greatest service! 3/2012

Ellen Kamhi, PhD RN, 2012 The Natural Nurse ®

I participated in Jill's 5 day juice fast in Dec, 2012. I had never fasted before and didn't look into it too much beforehand, but knew I needed some sort if detox; it was a last minute trip that I was able to squeeze in between a hectic work schedule. The fast went really well; the juices were delicious and there was more than enough; I never felt hungry or uncomfortable. Jill is very gracious and knowledgable and is there every step of the way and spends a lot of time with you. I lost a total of 8 lbs and have managed to keep most of it off, as the fast reset my tastebuds and i am craving more whole foods. Delray beach is beautiful and has an easy, quaint and laid back feel to it, perfect for a detox! I would definitely do this again. Andrea W, 12/2012

Jill, You have the gift of helping to heal others and I know that the past five days have made a huge difference in my health. This was a week of relaxing, rejuvenating, healing, meditating and clarity. Your knowledge and experience are truly amazing and my time here will forever be remembered as a life changing experience. Thank you for all that you have done this week and all the time you took to make this week so special. You are inspiring, passionate and so motivating. May you be blessed for all that you do for others. Sondra from Missisippi, 1/2013

You are the way-shower extraordinaire who has deeply touched my soul and the core of my being. Blessings to you for bringing your brilliant light and wisdom to our world. May you be blessed with all your heart's desire and rich in love, health and joy and great abundance. Liz, Boynton Beach 1/2013

Past Retreat Client to Phone Fasting Client:

I just paid for a half hour to start on the fast again. I think of you daily as I read your FB posts and make my smoothies. I did 60 days and then eating raw. The past few months I have been letting old eating habits slip in and I need to catch this before I get sick and gain more weight. My son has been on smoothies for most of 9 m0nths and has lost 90# and maintained it thus far. AND has gotten off ALL thyroid, blood pressure and cholesterol meds. I have allowed myself to get pretty depressed over my daughter relapsing and using IV drugs. I am coming out of my fog and really need to take care of me and be a good example to my children. That's all I can do. Deb, Naples, FL 1/2013

Right there on the phone I said, “I want to come now.” Jill said she didn’t have an opening for about 3 more weeks. So I agreed to come on September 13, 2012 for a week. In the meantime, Jill suggested I start to prepare my body by doing some smoothies, juicing, and a little exercise. That way my body won’t be in shock when I go there. I agreed and started drinking a smoothie in the morning and walking a half a mile every day. I was 257 pounds, which made me 70 pounds overweight and that is hard to get yourself moving. She also recommended that I watch the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”. I had already watched it once with my wife, but this time I watched it again with a different outlook. So by following Jill’s advice but still eating fast food at least twice a day, I lost 10 pounds before I got to Florida. When I showed up I weighed 247 pounds. I did not weigh myself while I was there; I just focused on walking and drinking what Jill had prepared for me. She helped me discover I was addicted to food. I would go to the bathroom at least 6 times a day because I was overeating. I was eating footling subs, when I got a large pizza for dinner; it was no longer enough for my wife and 2 kids because I would eat 4 pieces myself. My daughter was hiding food in her room that she liked because I would eat it all. Jill helped me to see this. I was addicted to food. I had never thought of it that way. In the first couple of days there, I got rid of so many toxins; my body was trying to release them from my skin that came out under my arms and my groin area. I also had an uncomfortable feeling under my sternum. I believe it was my gallbladder. If I would have gone to the doctor they probably would have removed my gallbladder. I stuck with the program of juicing, walking, talking, swimming, colonics, 2 of the best massages I have ever gotten. Jill gave me a reflexology treatment to help relieve the toxins and I also participated in a hypnosis appointment. That helped me to get in touch with some feelings about my dad and my relationship. Jill also recommended that I stay on this juice fast for 21 days. She felt my uncomfortable feeling under my sternum would go away. She also recommended 3 more colonics when I got home. There was also an acupuncturist available but I was already getting that at home. So I did not do that there.

The results were unbelievable. I am now down to 213 pounds and walking 3 to 4 miles a day. The feeling in my stomach is relieved when I had my first colonic at home. So to sum up my experience; I believe I made a friend for life in Jill. She is a wonderful person. I have lost 44 pounds in about 3 months. I have increased my exercise from a half a mile to 3 to 4 miles a day and I am walking much quicker. Everyone who sees me tells me I look great. My son and wife are trying to mirror what I am doing. To simply put it, I would recommend you, who are reading this, to call now and take a week or so to work with Jill. I would also recommend reading the book “Hungry for Change” and it will explain about food addictions. Charles "Tut" O’Hara, 2012

Just want to thank you so much for turning me on to Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. I have been juicing and having an evening vegetarian meal and lost 12 pounds in 10 days. I'm listening to my body and not pushing it. I feel lighter and people actually notice the difference. Reboot is a great website!
Linda, November 2012

I just got back from working with Jill....and I can honestly say I feel so much better. I think if you are ready to make a serious change in your life and are tired of going in circles to live healthier and lose weight....then this would be the thing for you. I'll admit the first couple of days were not easy.....but, the way I was going before was not easy either. In fact, it was hard AND it was not healthy. I think that we all deserve to live our best lives.....and our bodies deserve it too. Juicing in general is just a great way to get lots and lots of vitamins into our bodies fast. Before Jill, I was 'technically' healthy. My 'blood work/labs' from the 'doctor' all checked out....but I still felt AWFUL. I knew what to do...but sticking with it and getting on track was hard. I needed to get to and 'into' a place where I could clear out the toxins and re-train my tastes to nourish my body. What we hear out there is mostly just 'wrong'.....and there is no short cut. But it doesn't have to be hard either. My guess, is 98 percent of us are not getting the proper nutrients.....even when we are really trying. I know that my work with Jill not only got my body back on track....but it is also a way to contribute to my fellow human beings and the world in general. As, by just simplifying the food I eat....choosing organic....helps so many makes me healthier.....and therefore the need for medical care is is less expensive to eat this way......And, by eating/juicing this cuts back on all the environmental issues that currently keep the food supply going...and 'sick' within itself.

After 4 days with CRAVINGS were GONE. Jill made me her gentle and knowledgeable way that I had a psychological 'attachment' to food. And, was not food I was hungry for...but many other things. It's unaware many of us are as to true hunger and just wanting to 'eat' to fill something.

I think this program is something that anyone can adapt to. I don't think one has to go 'all the way' forever. Even if someone is truly a junk food junky.....adding just one amazing juice a day will do wonders for you. Of course, you literally lose the 'taste' for junk. It just does not taste good to me anymore. Once you discover real food and all the wonderful flavors of never go back. I had no idea how amazing a date stuffed with a cashew could be.....better than ANY candy! I think we have to find our 'own' normal....and the choices out there are endless. I don't suffer or feel like I am missing anything. That is nothing less than a 'miracle'.

I'm grateful for people like Jill....who are passionate and knowledgable to help and teach people how to heal themselves. This is REAL power.

And....she's just a very 'cool' lady.Margo T (Photographer/Orlando Florida) October, 2012

Hi Jill. I hope you're doing well? I just had to share this great news with you! I had my annual physical a couple of weeks ago. For the last 5 years (since my fibro diagnosis) my doctor has been measuring my CRP levels. They have ranged from 9 to 13. Normal is 0 to 3. Well, just got my blood test results back and my CRP level is now 1.34!!!!!! All the juicing, organic fruits and veggies, giving up pork and almost all red meat.. plus reducing the stress in my life.. it's all paying off! Thanks so much for being a part of the inspiration to keep me focused on this journey! I am soooo happy! Kelly M, October, 2012

Wow, what an incredible week, thank you for caring about health so much that you give of yourself to help others.I am so glad I am on your email list. Reading about you and all that you do, I just knew this was the place to come. The connection we had over the phone was like we were sisters on the same path. I enjoyed every minute of my 6-day juice fast. How nice it was to have you come in each day and make all my meals for me and clean up too! It was just what I needed. Playing in the ocean, walking around that sweet town of Delray was such a bonus! Spending time getting to know you was priceless. And the DVDs - I tried to absorb it all. I appreciate all the knowledge and coaching you shared. I am now re-connected to myself and inspired to go deeper and continue learning, growing and being awesome-er!!

Because the juicer I had was so time consuming and hard to clean, I didn't want to use it. So as soon as I got home I bought one just like yours. You helped me remember how much my body loves and needs fruits and veggies.

I truly consider you my friend for life. And hope to see you again.Kim H., NC August, 2012

My time with Jill was life-changing and enlightening beyond anything I expected. Her gentle support and strong spirit added incredible value to my experience. I am strongly considering chef certification in raw foods and opening a juice bar/restaurant in my city. I am so grateful to Jill and recommend her services and expertise to anyone looking to go beyond and live life to the fullest.-- M. Therese Shakra, Media Relations - July, 2012

Hi Jill, It was so nice to meet you and leave my hurting daughter under your care.
She looked rested......standing straight and doing things! Walking without her belly (where did it all go?).......she loved her time with you and location, too!
Thanks for all you did for Mandy! Pat M, Wellington, FL 6/24/12

Hi Jill! The most apparent benefit is that the fast helped to increase my cravings for fresh fruits and vegetables. Even though I was eating vegan (and very much enjoying the food) for 14 weeks before the fast, the fast really solidified my love and need for fresh raw foods. In the Northeast at this time of year, we have farm stands selling fresh fruits and vegetables EVERYWHERE. I cannot resist stopping at practically every one of them to pick up a little something. My thoughts of any junky processed foods have greatly diminished and don't even consider those foods and option at this point. I must say, I think that eating a plant based diet for the 14 weeks previous to the fast, plus using my juicer for about a month prior to the fast aided in my success with the program. I got the two things I hoped for....better clarity in my life and where I am going and where I want to be....and second, terrific cravings for the right foods.

I continue to juice and add to my compost piles like crazy. My garden is really coming along. I will send you a pic of my garden and also my herb garden(s).

The one day you mentioned that you had a tomato and an avocado for lunch for some reason stuck in my head and now that has become my favorite lunch almost everyday....fresh locally grown tomato with avocado and just a touch of balsamic heavenly, thanks for the idea. Debbi W., 6/20/12

I have just completed the 6-day juice fasting retreat with Jill. I have to say this was an incredible transformative experience. I came here feeling exhausted, mentally unclear and very uncomfortable in my body. I now feel better physically, emotionally, mentally than I have felt in years. Jill provided amazing juices, smoothies and broth that were delicious and totally satisfying. The bodywork and other cleansing therapies were excellent. In addition, Jill provided books, videos and talks that were inspiring and extremely informative. She also provided me with a wealth of material to take home to continue an optimal health program. This is my 4th retreat with Jill and I recommend it heartily. Barbara G., NCTMB, LMT 6/9/12 Two weeks later....bladder incontinence still gone.

Jill is dedicated to exceptional standards of health and nutrition, and has been an ardent provider of holistic modalities for achieving health for over thirty years. Jill creatively combines an array of talents and knowledge bases that allow her to both educate and provide treatments for greater health for many people of all ages. As a self healed survivor of cervical cancer, she has a great respect and understanding for the healing potential of the human body. Her retreats include individualized massage therapy, exceptional juice fasting, and nutritional regimens in a variety of beautiful settings. Her clients have enjoyed joining her in Mexico and Italy for detoxification retreats. She is also available for individual therapy. So, I am honored to write a recommendation for this individual! May 5, 2012 Diana Dyer, Certified Nurse Practitioner, Holistic Woman

Client on Extended Fast Update: I am on day 27 and I feel GREAT. And I am down 32 lbs. I have a colonic scheduled for Tuesday.

Continued: Today is day 51 :-) I feel great and am down 46 lbs. I have had 2 colonics and a lymph massage. I found a great person who does colonics and she is also an RN. Thank you for starting me on this wonderful journey. And - my son (6'4" and 350 lbs) came to visit with his family for 10 days. I gave him a copy of Fat, Sick. ... DVD. He went home bought a good blender (ninja) and has been on fast for 5 days now and his wife and kids are drinking them also as an addition to their already pretty healthy diet. They buy range beef and chicken and eat that sparingly and have a Huge garden.

Deb, Naples, FL 5/2012

Newsletter recipient:

I LOVE you Jill Schneider!! Although we've not met in person (yet ;) ) my hat goes off to you in so many arenas!!Keep up the amazing work you do and thank you for sharing the essence that is YOU!!This world needs you, your message, your gift and your experiences :) Betsy, 4/13/12

I want to thank you for our phone consultation to prepare me for my upcoming 2 weeks with you in May. I feel like you’ve given me a key to the small, dark, depressing room I’ve been living in for years. I suddenly see light and I am so thankful to you for that! On your suggestion I looked up and read about Louise Hay, and I also purchased several of her books. I’m reading 21 Days to Master Affirmations right now. I love it. It’s exactly what I need to hear, and also what I need to practice.I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve already done, and I’ve only known you for a week. I’m excited and looking forward to our time together. Shannon, 4/12

Jill Schneider is an absolute gem. Not only does she offer deep knowledge and credibility about the solid foundation of improving health through natural living, she offers her services with a reliability and flair that is incomparable. Jill offers a private, complete rejuvenation experience coupled with delicious totally natural health giving foods and practices. Whenever I leave one of her sessions, she pushes back the hands of time, and I feel younger than when I arrived! Although Jill's health supportive regimen will assist with defense against illness, the best use is as a scientifically valid prevention. I highly recommend Jill Schneider for a week, weekend or day spa experience- you will be doing yourself and your 'cells' the greatest service !

Ellen Kamhi, PhD RN, The Natural Nurse ®

I found out I had Stage 1B Cervical Cancer and High Grade Dysplasia in December,2011 and was told by my Oncologist that even though they didn’t think the cancer had spread, I would need to have a Radical Hysterectomy and all the surrounding lymph nodes and tissue removed. This just seemed far too aggressive for me and it made no sense to not at least try to let my body heal itself.

I began to do research online about Alternative treatments, I knew for certain that this was the path I wanted to follow and was extremely anxious to start immediately. The information on the internet was overwhelming, confusing and left me in a panic as I knew it would take weeks if not months to make sense of it all, time I didn’t have! And then I found Jill.

Jill called me immediately after she received my e-mail and agreed to help me. Two days later I met Jill for the first time at Palm Beach Airport and my healing Journey began.

The week I spent with Jill consisted of a delicious, satisfying juice fast, acupuncture, colonics, massages, meditation and a variety of other treatments. Jill was kind, knowledgeable and knew exactly how to deal with my situation. During the week Jill shared with my many amazing and instructional books, DVDs and other resources which supported the ability for the body to heal itself.

I have no doubt that my week with Jill jump started my healing by at least a month. When I arrived I felt hopeless, scared and lost. By the time I left I was confident that I was on the right path, confident I have learned enough in the week that I could continue my treatments at home and confident that I could beat the cancer.

Two months later I went back to my Oncologist for some tests to determine if I still had the Cancer cells, pre-cancerous cells and dysplasia. I came up negative on everything, which was far beyond my hopes. I aced the test and left my Oncologist speechless. Thanks Jill, Tiggy, 12/11

Jill, It's Saturday night and I just came home from an evening out with friends and family. My husband, Robert and son, Ben, just paid me the nicest complement. " You look really good." they said. " You haven't looked this good in a long time." Robert is encouraging me to keep up the same protocol I followed in Florida with you. It's been 2 days since I have been home and slowly I started eating some familiar foods but I did take back with me a knowledge that I know will help me feel and stay young for years to come. I hope that I can tell you in a couple weeks that I am consistently making green smoothies, juicing and eating more slowly. I know I can!

Thank you for making my time with you so special. You are a warm, caring, knowledgeable and fun person, I could not have been in better hands. You were there for me during the initial transition period and you made sure that I was successful without sacrificing my well-being. You really know what you are doing. I did not feel hunger during the fast. The juices and smoothies you made for me were delicious, filling and nourishing. The ocean water, walks together on the beach and warm sun nourished my soul. You shared a lot of yourself with me - Bo Diddley, Annie Sunbeam, India, Italy, St. John to name a few. Some stories, I will never forget. I look forward to reading your memoirs. The trip surpassed my expectations. I feel light, strong, rejuvenated and most importantly empowered to make positive changes in my life.

I highly recommend your program to all those who are looking to heal themselves, cleanse or just want to feel better. One week is the minimum amount of time that I feel works well. Your attitude, stamina and strength amazed me. You are a woman of many hats and an inspiration to me in many ways. Your aromatherapy massages were wonderful. You treated my like your sister and made me your priority for the week. You give your all to your clients and that is what makes you so unique. I am honored to have met you and excited about our new friendship. I know that our meeting was not by chance. Thank you for helping me fulfill a life dream. Athena, 2/2012

Cancer e-mail:

Thank you! I've been thinking alot about where I get my peace and joy from since you asked... Thank you. I know that I should always look for what I want to see... Now I'm seeing and feeling more joy and peace within me and around me, and am so grateful for it. I realize how absolutely essential this is. I had been looking outside of myself... and then reacting. I more fully understand now that the joy and peace are found inside of me. This is very centering.

I have also ordered the first dvd of The Keys from Prem Rawat. Thank you for that as well.

I think a big part of this healing journey for me has been letting go of the issues / vibrations / thought forms, that attracted the 'c' in the first place. I also realize that I only was able to grow as much as I have thanks to it. And for that I am incredibly humbled and grateful. I've always been interested in healing, especially self-healing. And I have learned and am learning so much.

I do have many questions for you. Where shall I begin? I've just ordered your book and am looking forward to reading it! Your question to me was exactly what I needed to be asked. Thank you again.

I think that you are amazing and incredible, and for doing what you are doing to help others, you are truly a blessing! 5/11 Catherine

My 1 week with Jill has been life-altering.  I have not had natural energy and clarity – without drugs – since I was 20 years old.  At 20, I started experimenting with drugs and although it was never a real problem, as I became a “responsible” adult with a husband and child, I transitioned to prescription drugs.

My ailments were constant fatigue, constant constipation, depression, anxiety and loss of libido.  I had tried other “spa” retreats:  one to lose weight and another to pamper myself and enjoy activities for exercise.  Although I did lose weight, it always came back and I was back to a life dependent on Prozac, Adderall, Xanac and wine in order to feel right for whatever function I had to perform.

The detox effects at Jill's Circle of Life Retreat took about 3 days and from day 4 through 6 with Jill was amazing.  She showered me with information on a healthy diet, meditation and whatever I was interested in.  She took me places so that my time in Delray Beach was fun and a true vacation.  Delray Beach is gorgeous, the weather was perfect and the hotel was accommodating and spotlessly clean.  Jill is a wealth of information and helps with whatever ails you.  Her kind, honest and humorous disposition provide for a wonderful time and she truly becomes one of your prized friendships.  Here is an excerpt of an email we shared recently:

“ I am making sure I get enough rest but I have to start drinking the green juices earlier because they give me energy and then I can't fall asleep fast enough.  I'm also moving my bowels pretty regularly so far (yesterday, I took a crap at work and wanted to call you immediately!"

Here is an email from my psychiatrist in response to mine:

“Best wishes. Thanks for the advanced notice. Where did you go?”

Hi Dr _______:
I would like to cancel my appointment for Tuesday, February 28th.  I will not need to reschedule as I have stopped taking all medication:  Prozac and Adderall.
I have just returned from a holistic retreat and I feel wonderful.  
In any event, I will call if I need to see you.
Thank you for all your help. . . Sincerely, Phyllis”

Phyllis S. Cotsis
Chester, NY
845-258-0168 (feel free to call)

Hi Jill, You were right that the anabolic fasting is easier than the juice fast. I love the products and just ordered some more. I'm going to continue with the power shake in the evening. It's a mix of cherry and aloe. I've eliminated any cravings for caffeine and sugar, and feel so much healthier. Lisa, 1/31/2012 (Phone Fasting client from last few years, didn't need me for this year, since this fast is so easy.)

Hello Jill, I just wish to give you an update. Meeting you was the best thing that happened to me in 2011, and because of our meeting my life is back on track.

I quit my job that was in essence killing my spirit and I'm focusing on my cuisine education. I feel like my self again, free, enthusiastic and with a clear vision as to which way to go.For the most part I'm sticking to a vegetarian diet and i feel super lite, plus my digestion is so much better.

I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you for your advise. Thanks for helping me get back on track and to help me remember that I must follow my heart. Sandra, December, 2011

I'm even more convinced that should I ever get a diagnosis of cancer, then I'm heading straight to the Gerson clinic! I am now on day #26 of no Flonase for my sinuses and no Prevacid for my acid reflux! I'm very excited! I do feel an occasional "burn" a couple of times a day but nothing that I can't live with and I just do one or more of the things on my little cheat sheet you helped me develop. I do start every morning with the aloe liquid and i also discovered black licorice tablets too. I've also been reading up on orange peel extract and just ordered some to try as well.

I'm now the proud owner of a cuisinart food processor.. And I like it so much that I bought the cuisinart soup maker/blender too. Having lots of fun making greens soup, roasted butternut squash soup, apple parsnip soup, etc. today I even made a blackberry and blueberry pie with an almond flour pie crust. I haven't tasted it yet but I'm hopeful! And I'm growing my own wheatgrass and bought a manual wheatgrass juicer. So each morning I make my own Whole Foods powershot... A juiced ounce each of wheatgrass, ginger and lemon. Yummy! Kelly, 12/2011

Swedish Repeat Client

I was at a detox spa week and my dear NOTHING lives up to the effect and pleasure and good taste of my weeks with you! Just a pity that the flights are so expensive! But one thing is certain – I will save my money for a trip to you to be in YOUR care and not waste any more on treatments here! It was a beautiful place with great exercise programs and lectures all the days but the stuff they prepared to detox were almost impossible to drink and then the fact that everyone else around me was eating absolutely wonderful vegetarian food – that just doesn’t work for me. I switched over to vegetarian after 2 days. And then the fact that you can’t find a colonics clinic to do the final “sweep” is a pity…Janet, Stockholm, 2011 email.

Phone Holistic Life Coaching Client

My lacking of self- love and self confidence started after my breakup from my ex-boyfriend in 2009. I was struggling with my low-self confidence, low self image and the breakup. I had never valued myself. I neglected my self-respect and self care. I was emotionally dependent and needy; I felt so scared to be alone, thus I seek in men like my shelter to fulfill those emotional voids. I was always attracting the wrong men and got hurt over and over again. I never figured out the reason and really could not see what i have done wrong. I found Jill must be the trust coming from her words, vibes and magic power. I picked up the phone and dialed her number, there she was.. with the most amazing and calming voice, there I found the peace and trust. I started talking with Jill whenever I encountered problems that i could not think through and solve myself. Jill has been giving me sage advice and patiently allowing me to unfold,evolve and grow. Especially when it comes to relationship, Jill has been counseling me through out the year since Feb 2010. I just turned 29 years old and just 2 days ago, December 2nd, first time ever in my life, I found courage and confident to walk away from a man who doesn't value and respect me. It was an awakening moment of my life, it took me 29 years to realize I, myself, matter that I love and respect myself. I finally understand why my past relationships failed, simply I never put myself and my needs first and always compromised myself for men, their happiness and needs. I feel saved and blessed! I am truly happy from the bottom of my heart. I have abundant things to do in order to better myself. This is when I feel life is beautiful. I thank Jill for helping me to reach to where I am today... without her, I can not even imagine how my life would have turned out. Jill is amazing and wonderful. I love her!!!I can never thank you enough, my dear Jill. Sophia, Graduate Student, Columbia University, December, 2011

One free consultation by phone and a few emails

Dear Jill, just wanna share the good news with you. I was diagnosed CIN III, one level before cancer in August, 2011. And now, after over two months of me changing my life style and diet, the new diagnose was all normal! i can't believe the result. Doctors are very sceptical. But i'm trusting myself on this one and will continue doing what has been working for me in the past months. Thanks sooooo much for your sincere support. Your emails meant a LOT to me during the difficult time that i was going through...I hope one day i can thank you in person. Thanks so much, Joray 12/01/2011

I spent a week with Jill in 2007. I arrived on her doorstep, tired, grieving, and sad. I was ready for a change in my life and feel like it was no coincidence that I ended up with Jill. I had recently lost my mother, and I was in desperate need of someone to care for me, help me heal. Jill did that and so much more. She taught me so much, shared so much of her amazing life with me, sang to me, massaged me and fed me amazing juice every day. I felt immediately better and knew this had to be something I kept in my life. It is four years later and I am still juicing. I don't do it every day, but whenever I feel like I need too. I have added green smoothies in, and have one every morning and afternoon. I feel so great and have Jill to thank for it. If I hadn't met Jill, I cringe to think of where I would be today and what my health would be like. I wanted to send along an update and thank you again!! Love and light always!! Lisa C. 11/2011

How can I thank you for caring for me and making my fast so lovely. You are a true healer, teacher and amazing human being. You love yourself and therefore it is so easy for you to love others. You really care about people and you want us to be well. I have never met a more "real" person in my life. You know what is important - you get it. Thank you for sharing all your wisdom with me, things I shall never forget. Thanks to this experience I am going to become the healthy person I've always known I could be. I don't think there are any chance encounters in this world. You and I are old friends from another time and this was a reunion! Circle of Life is a gift! People who are lucky enough to experience it are lucky enough! I will be in touch with you and keep you posted on how I am doing. You are wonderful and I'll never be sick again (The Secret)! Love always, Lisa C., 02/07

I came across Juice Fasting on the internet when I was looking for a women's retreat and found Jill Schneider. I scheduled a trip and set off for the unexpected. I figured I would juice for a week and detox my body, and while I am doing that maybe stop smoking.I had no idea how life changing this week would be for me. After a day two of juicing, I felt the stress leave my body, I was able to sleep, I began to physically feel better, and mentally I was beginning to think more clearly. When I arrived, I was stressed out, couldn't relax and my mind constantly was thinking. I couldn't believe that juicing would allow this stress to go away. During my time juicing, I never had the urge to smoke. I felt at peace with life and myself, and since the stress was gone I did not smoke.Spending time with Jill and learning the exciting things she has done in life amazed me. She's an inspiration to me! I was so excited when I returned home, I found a Raw Foods Workshop to attend. Jill taught me that the body can heal itself. Take care of your body and your body will take care of you!i'm excited about my new life thanks to Jill! :) Lora, June 2011 (Policewoman)

My experience with "Circle of Life" was above and beyond my expectations. I went with the idea of losing some weight and getting a couple of "tricks' on how to continue to lose pounds after my week with Jill.

I was in for a BIG SURPRISE. I met this amazing woman, who shared from her heart her many interesting life experiences such as her travels to India more than 38 years ago, her devotion to her mentor, the many travels throughout South America, I could not help but feel her unconditional love and desire to see people start on a path to health not only eating natural organic food and juices, but taking care of their souls and bodies. She is a great massage therapist, song writer, singer and FUN to Be Around. I left lighthearted and relaxed. If anyone reading this is considering a visit to 'Circle of Life' is not a coincidence..Gift yourself.!!! Adriana, June 2011

Hi Jill.

Have been very busy since my return to Lake Wales. On Thursday I checked out the Health Food store/Raw Vegan Cafe, etc. Had the owner make me her "Green Smoothie" not as good as yours. I purchased a few things at the store. I then went to a Farmer's Market.

I went online to our local library and have requested some of the Raw Foods books be sent to me. I have already received one book that I have been reading.

Saturday, Joe and I went over to a flea market about 30 minutes away that has a huge selection of home grown vegetables and fruits. We loaded up on everything we could think of. While there I discovered two ladies that sell plants. One lady had a fig tree and a papaya tree. The other lady sold herbs and vegetables. Joe and I are working on creating an edible landscape. We needed to do some pretty extensive landscaping anyway so the timing is really good for this new program. I am doing organic gardening and saving my fruit and veggie cuttings to make my own compost. I am hoping to turn an area next to my screen room into a patio garden where I can grow some things in the ground and some in pots. I already have a pretty nice kiwi plant and blueberry plant going from last year.

I have made us green smoothies every morning with the Vita Mix. Joe likes them so that really helps. They have turned out well. I bought a couple of packets of some "greens" that I have been adding to the drink as well. Other than that I am eating mainly raw foods. Have had a couple of cooked meals in the last 4 days.

I have really enjoyed reconnecting with my love for gardening and make it part of our new healthy eating makes it even more enjoyable. I have purchased tomato plants, peppers, parsley, chives, etc. that I am growing in pots until we get the plans for the outside space finalized. 5/28/11 Rita, Florida

I am finishing up the week session with Jill and it was extremely beneficial, an excellent program  with great results. I have lived in south Florida for 36 years and I know this area.  The hotel is like being in Key West...very lovely with beautiful tropical trees and setting . ..  minutes from walking to the beach and very close to other hotels and stores. I would recommend this program to anyone as I am very particular and I know how good Jill does with her clients. I have known Jill for several years.  I would love to do this at least once a year if not more. Jill offers delicious juices and a variety of resoures to learn the proper style of eating along  with the benefits.  I also went to Katalina, the Colon Hydrotherist,  who is the best I've ever experienced. She is an excellent naturoapathic person who knows  her business inside and out.  You cannot go wrong coming to see Jill and experiencing her program.Hillary, retired Health Teacher, April, 2011

"When Jill says she will take care of everything, she means she will take care of everything. You can let go and turn it over to Jill BEFORE you arrive so you can get even more value. Thanks to Jill, I am leaving with greater clarity in my entire life as well as significant improvements with my health and fitness. Jill's only agenda is your improved health and well being...she delivers, thanks Jill!!" Alan D., Author - April, 2011

A week with Jill was just what I needed to get back into the groove of my body and my life. A truly enjoyable and relaxing experience. At the end of my cleanse I felt like I made a friend.
Nicole Kench CA March, 2011

I have known Jill Schneider for 5 years and she has greatly helped my health through nutrition and the wonderful Purium Health Products I take. I moved to a colder climate and I feel my immune system is getting a huge boost through her recommendations to remain healthy and vibrant.
Diane Jasmine, December, 2010

The three days with you truly changed my life and outlook on nutrition!!  My husband, Billy, is now anxious to participate.  We are going to plan a weekend in Delray. Cathey, October, 2010

I am so glad that you are back from Italy. I would love to come again and experience your amazing program. You helped me so much last year and I'm ready for a refresher course. Judy, 8/2010.

Phone Consultation:

Jill, We haven’t corresponded in nearly one year. You had done a phone consultation with my sister Renee who was struggling with small cell lung cancer.

I just wanted to let you know that Renee passed away a few weeks ago.  I also want you to know that I believe that your consultation with Renee was courage-building and helpful.

Renee, also used the Young Living oils (frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood), ate a pure diet, and did lots of “heart-work” with supportive groups, Renee lived to the maximum amount of time she could have, given current treatments, and I know her talk with you “freed” her in many ways, as she relied on God and her intuitiveness as much as any of the other modules. Thank you so much for that Jill.

I’m hoping your business is thriving and that you are doing well! Namaste! Yvonne M. Huffman 8/2/10.

Massage and More Testimonial:

Jill, I felt terrific after my massage on Friday.  I felt uplifted with the information you shared with me.  I feel inspired.  Thank you for making a difference and impacting my life for the better. Lots of Peace and Love, Michele (June, 2010)

Phone Fasting Program:

When I was in the worst shape of my life, I went through months of emotional eating and was sabotaging my body by eating carcinogenic foods. Until one day in February, 2010, I was fed up with myself and decided that I needed help to make a real change. While I was googling on spiritual fasting retreat, I found Jill Schneider and was reading about her story on her " Circle of Life Holistic Program" website. I found her amazing, therefore, I immediately called her up and was able to speak to her right away. Her compassionate voice calmed my irritated and unclear mind and her magic energy passed on to me through her voice, which revived my exhausted and overworked body. I felt safe and loved.

Under Jill's supervision, I went on 8 days of The Master Cleanser fast. Jill was so loving and kind; she made time to speak with me every single night for at least an hour. She passed on her wisdom to me and truly came from her  heart. Jill has SAVED my life. She has made a tremendous difference in my life and is one of the few people who has shaped me into who I am today. I feel so thankful and blessed that I have gotten to know Jill. I can never thank her enough. This is only the beginning of my journey to a new healthy life, and I look forward to becoming a life long friend with Jill and continuing to learn from her. Sophia, 2/10 (27 years old) Sophia just ran a 10K in NYC (May, 2010)

I wanted to thank you so much for the amazing fasting retreat.  As I write to you I am sipping on a delicious green smoothie. I feel completely transformed in only 3 days and I can not wait to book the next retreat.  You have defintiely found your dharma and it quite evident that you love what you do.  Thank you for your kindness,compassion, and your uplifting personality during my transformation.  I look forward to the next juice fast to "chill with Jill" and finding more coconuts to crack open! Kathleen 2/2010

Thank you for helping me see and be open to the magic all around me. You are an angel. I am so grateful for this week - all your wonderful juices, massages, cracker making, contacts, but more over, all your true love and wisdom. You are a beauty, inside and out. I am glad that my path crossed yours. I look forward to reconnecting when it happens. With much love and respect. Janet "Shankari", 2/2010

I wanted to again say Thank you so much Jill!  You are an incredibly special woman.  The work you do, the help and guidance that you give is truly wonderful. I was excited to spend time with you in Florida as I never completed a one on one personalized juice fast before.  I was able to share with you my personal challenges and health issues that I wanted to address and you not only listened you provided the environment and support I needed.  My excitement for the juice fast was only enhanced when I arrived and was able to meet you.  I knew right away that I had a very unique experience ahead.  Again, I thank you for helping me not only with the fast but for your messages of encouragement and love that I was able to take with me.  We will be in touch and I know I will be visiting you again! Be fabulous, Sarah S., 12/09 and 3/2010

I have been to many retreats, and personal journey type events over the years, due to my committment to my recovery.  I chose one on one work, because I help run a resort for a living, and need the personal time to pamper myself.  Jill's program did just that and more.  There were many personal touches and kindnesses done throughout the week, that did not escape my eye, since I am tuned into personal service.   This was my first time to "juice", but I found it was about so much more than juicing.  We spent our time discussing life, sharing stories, doing yoga, having a massage, walking and talking about many topics.  It was a time spent in reflection, as the body got rid of toxic waste.  of course, losing about 8 pounds, was a plus I had not really expected.  Jill brought many great books on juicing and lifestyle changes and introduced me to many CD's, that had spiritual lessons galore.  It was a great week.  Anyone that can commit to a week with Jill, will walk away refreshed, renewed and will have gained many new ways to look at life.  All of them insiring.  thanks Jill.  Gay Morse, Manager/ Pirates Point Resort/ Little Cayman 10/09

It was my lucky day when I sought help from Jill Schnieder. As unlike so many health professionals, her services are not sales or fee-driven but client driven. And she maintains superior and compassionate support throughout the entire healing, learning, implementing and progressing phases and processes… Her comprehensive understanding of the human body, what creates problems, how to transcend them…And her exhaustive reach and knowledge when it comes to how to treat naturally, using herbs, and through juicing, green-smoothies, and supplementation… While addressing your specific issues and objectives, ensures a successful outcome. Her blend of  capabilities, skills, and expertise is all encompassing…So whether you're targeting a narrow problem or looking for a complete holistic make-over, (and I needed both)… In my experience, Jill is the person to seek out. She’s a joy to deal with, stays on the case, and she will help you.  – Jonny Katof 10/27/09 Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi Jill,
I had a blast as I knew I would from the start of booking.  I started out weighing 150 pounds and I'm currently 138.  I feel better than ever and learned so much from that wonderful experience and I will take it with me where ever I go. That experience was a real investment for me and I would do it again and again. I'm so happy to have met a new friend that changed my life for the better. Most of all, I'm so glad that I wanted a change in my life for the better. It wasn't  all about losing weight for me, because I wanted to become educated properly on nutrition and also my spiritual balance as well. I have no more stresses in my life and look forward to pursuing my personal goal to become a personal trainer....thanks for the jump start Jill.  10/12/09 Schvonne Sheppard, Atlanta, GA

Jill, What can I say, I'm a different person from knowing you and going through this experience. I feel as though I owe you for this new found health. God Bless You! Jeri, 8/09


I stayed on the fast for 7 days and it paid off royally. My blood pressure was 136/69 and I got an outstanding from my doctor on my cholesterol! I enjoyed and learned and shared great comradeship with you on those precious few days. Regina, July, 09. (Phone Consultations)

I completed my first juice fast with Jill last month.  I found her while doing a search on line, saved her website, went back to read it several times, finally I mailed her, and after several amazing phone conversations, decided to hop on a plane and partake in a customized juice fasting adventure.   Adventure is a good way to describe my week with Jill.  The juice fasting was just the tip of the most wonderful "iceberg".  I had recently gone through several significant transitions in my life, and I needed the rest, the restoration, the inspiration, that Jill provided.  I never expected to have come away from the week so rested, so restored, and so clear, clean, and inspired to start the next chapter of my life.

I found a kindred spirit in Jill and a friend for life.  Her knowledge, her warmth and nurturing spirit, her wisdom and experience, not to mention the juices and massages, proved to be the best "medicine" that I have ever had the privilege of ingesting, inhaling, and absorbing.  She is passionate about what she does.   She is a true healer and the week was one of the best experiences of my life.  Carol Craine, 5/09



This is a private session with Winston, who is learning how to give Shadaris, his fiance, a massage to help with her panic attacks. Fun and healing at the same time. He is a natural. He learned very quickly.

I just wanted to thank you for the lovely massage. It was definitely a refreshing and calming experience. I felt like a new girl! I left glowing! Shadaris Castillo 5/31/09

Thank you for the excellent week of juice fasting.  You took such good care of us from the moment we arrived until the moment we left.  Everything was fabulous: the "last supper", the juices, the daily hotsprings, the mud bath, the spanish lessons, the educational material, the hikes, the cerviche (sp?) dinner at nearby restaurant, the El Manto pools, all your friends, and even the salt water flush! I hope we do this again in the fall. I'm planning on it.  See you soon. Love, Becky 3/14/09

Jill, When I reached out to you and planned this trip, I expected to cleanse my body. I never expected this week would impact me in such a way - that it would change my entire life! You were an angel sent to me to realize my dreams and open my consciousness to the many purposes and possibilities in my life. I love you! Amy, 2/20/09.

I was lucky enough to meet Jill in 2007 when I did an Internet search on "juice fasting," and I went to my first 5-day fast at Sycamore Springs. Between the wonderful variety of raw juices, the massages, the hot tub, the beautiful weather, and Jill's unfailing cheerfulness, it was a memorable experience. And since then Jill has helped me with phone consults several times as I've done some fasts on my own and worked steadily to shift to all-healthy-food all the time. Jill is teeming with ideas for combinations of foods and supplements, and she's an expert at giving moral support. Anne P., 2/18/09

Hi Jill!! I am excited to say i completed my partial fast and I am much more resistant to the bad foods I craved. I am so happy and juicing gave me A LOT of energy. I wake up early in the morning now feeling fully rested, even if I went to bed late. My eyes look more alive. I had a pelvic exam w/o spotting like I would before. I also noticed that for about a year before the change I was ALWAYS gassy..and I am normal again...I barely have gas. I know my body is being healed. Pretty soon like in days I want to attempt 10days on the master cleanse. What is so remarkable about all of this is the disappearance of brain fog. I didn't even know I had it until it was gone and I feel restored. I thank u from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me to do better for myself. I am so proud that I am taking action in my life. The food I am eating now tastes better than it ever tasted. Now I am craving healthy food. A higher power designed u to help people because you had such a huge impact in my life & we never even met. I feel better then I felt in years!! Thanks for everything. I will keep you posted. C. Morgan 2/7/09


I contacted you as after the first two days if a juice fast and mentioned I had to eat as my healing-crisis symptoms were so terrible as I was, and I guess am, so toxic...and you said, we're all toxic, and to eat and juice...And I have been...I've been juicing everyday along with eating.This is the longest I've ever juiced for, and I plan to continue indefinitely. I've lost weight and feel better...I have some health challenges. Gut issues...  I don't know how much weight. I don't weigh myself, as I have a ways to go... I've lost 3 to 4 inches in my wearing smaller clothes... Eating much better. When I started doing this I can't tell you how sick I was...could barely move, walk, function...Much better after a month... I'm going to just continue what I'm doing...I'm just thinking I want to do it the best way, ( whatever that  is ) long as I'm going to the trouble to juice. I juice carrots, greens, ( romain-lettuce, collard-greens, parsely, cuke ), apple, ginger, lemon...I think that's it..Man it's a pile of stuff. Sometimes I use red -lettuce but I get more juice from Romain so I mostly buy that.....And I drink about 2 1/2 plus cups daily. It's a big glass, plus a little more...Once a day....Is there anything I should change? Should I bother to juice the not so green inner-leaves, which I am doing now...I want to get my health back. I was a basket case...And I wanna be all betta. Thanks - Jonny  2/3/09

Hi Jill,
Paul and I arrived back home around 3pm yesterday.  I broke my fast last night and Paul today.  I lost 5 pounds and Paul about 12 pounds.  We really enjoyed our week but we of course are happy to back in the "eating world". I made juice this morning and then took the pulp and made some raw crackers.  The crackers should be ready tomorrow am.
Your crackers are amazing.  They were the first thing I took a bite of when I went off of the fast.  The flavor is absolutely incredible. You are quite the "amazing raw cracker chef"! I also went shopping today and bought tons of yummy organic veggies.  I bought some sprouted lentils and also sprouted almonds. I also found some wonderful poached salmon. Paul and Amy Ingham, Clearwater, FL 11/29

Hi Jill ,I just wanted to give you an update on how great I have been doing since we met. I have been excersising everyday, walking, biking (20 miles on Sat) and Yoga and Tai chi.  My father and I watched Prem Rawat throughout the weekend, very uplifting and inspiring.  I did not do the juice fast, but I have been eating 90% raw and I did a lot of jucing on Sunday and I have not had many cravings and I feel completely in control, which is amazing.  I have an appointment with th Acupuncturist tomorrow afternoon and I am looking forward to that. 

I am very grateful for all of your help and I look forward to our next meeting.  I hope all is well with you even though I am sure it is!!!  I will keep in   touch:-) Nicole, Delray Beach 11/08

Hello Jill,
Well, so far so good! On Monday I had my official weigh-in at the Daycare and I am proud to say I weigh 199 lbs. So, that brings my weight loss for the 1 week to 11 lbs! I was so excited to see the numbers back in the 100s again. I have continued to juice every morning and have prepared my salads for lunches. Last night I stuck to steamed veggies...cauliflower and broccoli. I also had one hard- boiled egg. I am going to continue with the salads for lunch this week and start to integrate the almonds and possibly salmon on Friday. I am optimistic and not hungry! I feel in control and I no longer let food rule my day. I look forward to your updates! Amy from Crawford, GA retreat 10/08.

Thank you for the email.  I had indeed heard of the Lemonade Diet but didn't know it was a detox diet as well as weight loss.  My work got even slower so I was too broke to hire you for consultation and did the diet for 10 days by myself with great results.  All my aches and pains are gone and I lost some weight and my thinking and memory is incredibly clearer, with results starting about the 3rd day, and therefore gave me incentive to continue on.  This experience to me is a clear indication that the junk in our processed food is killing us!  So I started eating organic since I stopped the fast (about 1 and a half week ago) and still feel great.  I am thinking about doing the lemonade diet again for another 10 days to lose more weight soon.  Kimberly Beck, San Diego County, CA 6/08

I want to express my appreciation for the opportunity to be a part of this awesome experience which I truly feel will prove to be life-changing for me. Each of you are truly special and I am humbled yet empowered by your stories. My co-workers and family have already noted a positive change and are showing interest. My hubby has also started juicing at least one meal per day! I anticipate our potential impact to be felt in widening circles around us as we touch more and more people.

I survived the BBQ! I only ate my fruit and some veggies out of a pasta salad! I still have a lot to learn and have not had a chance to shop for what I need yet, but am managing well. I do need recipes for the juices we had, especially the vegetable juices. The one I made for my dinner last night was terrible!    Sandy Hanson, 5/08 Crawford, GA

As you know this past weekend brought me so much closer to who I am.  I can’t even explain how I feel this morning, perhaps like I’ve been given a second chance and the power to go with it.  As I count my blessings, you are certainly one of them.  Thank you. God Bless, Lori Glinski   Crawford, GA 05/08

The fast ended. Whoa. The minute I returned to San Francisco, I went to the Rainbow Grocery Co-op and bought a Champion Juicer, some veggies and fruits and perused their raw food section for daytime snacks...spirulina bars with sprouted nuts and seeds, sprouted seed and nut crackers, nori crackers, some sprouted almond, raisin and chocolate mixed bags; and there were more to choose from. Of course, as I found out when I was growing up, natural food stores show off carob as a chocolate substitute...uh, tastes nothing like it. Gross ;-) Luckily, there are some who perpetuate the love of chocolate, organic, unprocessed cacao, combined with lovely organic combinations. Yum! I will have to move to getting a dehydrator, at some point, but right now I am seriously BONDING with my Champion Juicer and taking little steps toward this major life change! Every morning after a morning hike up and around Bernal Hill, I make some lovely concoction and sometimes, at night, when I am feeling a little sluggish and feel a need to purify a bit, I make a greens concoction. I have even juiced red leaf lettuce and endive.  Amy Currens, 5/08 Sycamore Retreat

Aloha my fasting buddies,
It's a new life today.  I have continued eating raw since we broke the fast last Friday.  I found two good raw restaurants:- Cilantro's in Carlsbad and The Greenery in Leucadia.  I had friends meet me there for dinner and everyone enjoyed the tasty food and the new experience.  We even had an "ice cream" sundae with chocolate sauce that was amazing.  Jimbo's Market had prepared raw foods that were good too. I have found it relatively easy to continue however I'm realizing that the challenge will be back in Hawaii when there are fewer prepared options like here.  I may move into 70/30 raw...we'll see.  Thank you for a life altering experience.  I haven't felt this good in a very, very long time.  I'm so grateful.  I'm at Katelyn's graduation now and will head home on Sunday, Mother's Day.  It was wonderful to get to know everyone and make new friends.  Hopefully we'll come together again.  With Love, Holly  5/08

Hello Jill,
I enjoy your news letters.
I wanted to let you know that, in spite of doctors dire predictions 3 years ago,
I am alive and well.
I am starting a spring fast much like the one you guided me thru those 3 year long years ago when I first got my diagnosis of cervical cancer.
I will always remember your kindness in speaking with me by phone at a time when I felt terrified and alone.
Truly you saved my life, and with your heart as much as your encouraging words of wisdom.  Thank you.       Rose  4/10/08             

Dear Jill.

Thank you for writing me back. I am sure that you have lots of e-mail a day and so very it's nice that you took the time to answer me. I remember talking to you on the phone about three years ago from Toronto Canada. I always remember that. You didn't rush me into anything and are very caring. I am a 63 year old female and have been and still am working as a flight attendant. Many of my colleagues have died of cancer. I am trying to pass on my knowledge about how to eat right etc. as much as I can, but find that people are so very ignorant about food or just don't care. I have stopped to eat airline food, which is the worst. I also inform passengers about the effects of Aspartame when they drink diet soft drinks (have to be careful though, or they will fire me) and have always believed that a juice fast is so very important, but don't always have the time or place to do it. Getting rid of Candida in my case had to be done. I always looked bloated and was very gassy and that's when I decided that was it! My good brother-in-law informed me about Body Ecology and the cultured veggies. But at that time I didn't think that I could do it. But slowly read Donna's book and took time to get into it. And now I truly believe that this was the best thing for me that I've done. I will be able to control my weight in that way as well and will never gain the weight back! I am two sizes smaller and an 8, feeling great and energetic. I am no longer allergic to cats and didn't get the flu from my son and husband. My gut is healing and my immune system is getting stronger. I've been on the diet for two months now and will have no problem staying on it for another four months and will always drink the coconut kefir water and add the cultured vegetables to my food intake. I am never hungry and I sleep much better. When the yeast is starved I will then start with drinking vegetable and fruit juices again. In the meantime it's o.k. to drink vegetable juices though, but I haven't. It was just too cold and wintery around here to get into that.

Yeas ago I was misdiagnosed as having a heart murmur or mitral valve prolapse and when going to the dentist they forced me to take antibiotics each time. When having had enough of that I went for a second opinion and was told that it either went away or I never had it. And that was for 20 years!!! No wonder I looked pregnant all the time. That bad yeast was just thriving in my body. All the juice fasts did was making me loose the weight and then gain it back again and of course I was feeding the yeast and not my body.

I am happy to hear that you consider using this information with your customers because I think that we came across a very important way of boosting the immune system. I can only recommend it.      Madeleine Spence

I spent one week last year and this year at a one-on-one juice fasting retreat under the expert guidance of Jill Schneider. Each juice, broth or tea was more interesting and delicious than the previous. I never ever felt deprived.  Her transformative body, mind and spiritual program inspires an awareness of the true importance of caring about ourselves. She has changed my life! 

Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, MD, FACOG, author of the award-winning books "Menopause Made Easy", "Mind, Body, Soul & Money"  and a contributing author of "Millennium 2000, A Positive Approach" by Louise L. Hay and Friends.   

Phone Consultation: Doing the master cleanser was an excellent experience, and I was so glad to have completed it successfully.  I attempted to be a vegetarian for 5 weeks after the cleanse was complete, which was a great learning experience, but did not have the best outcome.  I gained back almost all my weight, and I ate way too many carbs because "they weren't meat" which led to some poor choices.    Now that I've walked through that door, I know that I need to stick to healthy meats (from home where I am sure of the source).  I am still grappling with the concept controlled under eating. I feel like I would be at the most peace if I could eat well each day instead of overeating and then having to "diet."  I had a huge revelation about overeating really being gluttony, which hurts my heart a lot more.  Ever since then, I have not overeaten much at all.  That was a good paradigm shift.  I am on a journey, and my success is coming day by day. I cannot thank you enough for you guidance & input!  I am better off for it!   My first experience with Jill Schneider and Circle of Life has been immensely positive.  I could not have had the success I had without the help & guidance I received on a daily basis.  I was never in doubt about experiences or questions the arose during the fast.  She was my motivator, teacher, coach, and inspiration during my cleanse.  I will recommend her to anyone I speak to about the brilliance of using a fasting coach, particularly Jill, to help facilitate the process.    Jennifer Smith, Dallas 2008

It has been a true joy to watch how your business has grown.  I don't always have the time to read your newsletters, but when I do, it is always an inspiration.   I am certain that your business will continue to thrive and that you will continue to change peoples lives though your programs and knowledge.  I will enjoy continuing to receive you wonderful newsletters.  I really like the latest featuring "Cancer is Not a Disease".   Denise Reed (March, 2008) fasted with her daughter, Tobie in 2003

My wife, Amy, and I decided to commit to raise the bar to a healthier lifestyle. We agreed to participate in a health retreat where education and nurturing would lead us to setting higher goals. We selected Circle of Life in Delray Beach, Florida. Director, Jill Schneider, provided a week-long environment to complete a cleansing fast. The week was an Amy and Paul opportunity to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetable juices and flavorful fresh vegetable broths in the evening. We were never hungry and looked forward to learning more culinary skills and health instruction from Jill. She filled our days with hiking and biking activities in the natural outdoor attractions that abound in the area. We also took advantage of the beaches that were at our convenience to enjoy. Jill is extremely intuitive, knowing just when we needed downtime to relax. The massages she provided were incredible and second to none.

Jill was unquestionably the source of knowledge and inspiration that motivated us throughout the week. She embodies all that she professes. Her energy, professionalism, nurturing, wit, humor, and teaching skills were what we needed to make our week a complete success. We are truly thankful and appreciative of our now life-long friend.  Paul and Amy, 11/07

Jill, I have been to spas all over the world, and the best and most loving is your juice fasting program.   Susan R., Florida  10/07

Hi Jill,

Just wanted to thank you for the tremendous week I spent with you in Florida .  You made getting healthy a fun (and educational) experience! I am trying to eat raw, not completely successful, but my diet is definitely a huge improvement from before.  I just see food in a different light

I just went for a free cholesterol screening at my neighborhood CVS drug store and thought you would be interested in the findings.  I previously had been screened at that time the results were as follows:

Kaiser - 8/17/2007- Cholesterol total   278 CVS test on 9/28/2007 - cholesterol total    201

Thanks for your TLC!!!   Tish 09/07

E-mail fasting program: I am so amazed and happy with the results of your cleansing program. I had friends that have spent lots of money doing different commercial cleansing or going to special retreats; I did not have the time nor the money, but I felt that the last 15 lbs. I have gained in the last 6 months were not normal; I eat very healthy and exercise regularly but leave with a lot of stress and worries. I knew it was time to do something different and drastic and decided to clean my body, my mind and modify my lifestyle.

I started The lemon cleansing 12 days ago; I lost 9 lbs in 10 days; I could not believe that I was never hungry and I felt full of energy;  my mind was more clear, my body lighter, the pounds came off where I needed the most, I slept well and my mood was up lift. Seeing one pound less every day, kept me going; it is not easy but very possible if you set your mind and a goal. My stomach felt great, my skin is now soft and glowing. 

I am in the 3rd day of preparation to get back to eat normally and even this process makes so much sense. It was incredible to see that we can survive so well with only in a liquid diet. Now, I watch more carefully the amount and the quality of my food.  I am buying only “kosher”, organic, fresh and healthy food. I am enjoying the flavor of each fruit and vegetable that I prepare and value the vitamins and minerals that I am giving to my body.

Thanks for sharing this experience and for the great support you provided me. Many of my co-workers that have seen me day after day and are motivated to try it, too.

I will keep you posted of the progress and duration of the results.  Nella, 08/07

Wow! I've just completed a seven-day supervised Juice Fast with Jill and it is no exaggeration to say that I feel "born again"!  The results I've gotten after only 1 week are astounding!  I've lost 13 pounds and my energy level is super high - I'm even sleeping better than I have in years.  During my week with Jill, she was always there to offer encouragement, kindness, words of wisdom and, of course, wonderful fresh juices and broths. 

I know now that the knowledge and information Jill gave to me were profound gifts that I'll use for the rest of my life!  Jill is not only my nutritional and health guide, she has also become a dear friend.  Thank You Jill, you've given me a second chance at life. Darryl Jackson, Atlanta, Georgia  7/07

I just want to thank you for all your loving support and wisdom during the past week.  Your daily preparation of all the juices and broths during my fast made it incredibly simple to stick with the program.  At any weak points that I may have during the fast I was able to get through it because everything was there and waiting for me to get passed the moment.  The most unexpected gift I have received from this whole experience is the calm and peaceful state of mind I have today. I feel like I'm in a constant state of meditation!  The whole experience has been very empowering for me. Thank you for all your blessings.  Love, Georgia, Juno Beach, FL7/07

Jill, Thanks for your words of encouragement, it means a lot to me.  I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to meet you in person, I have learned so much from you.  I think you are an amazing woman Jill! I’ve been doing well on my juice fasting.  I look forward to next week when I can start to eat some raw foods.  I will definitely sign up for that meet up group and I will look into finding a colon hydrotherapist. I will for sure keep in contact with you…….thank you for being such an inspiration to me!  Audra 05/07  

How can I thank you for caring for me and making my fast so lovely.  You are a true healer, teacher and amazing human being.  You love yourself and therefore it is so easy for you to love others.   You really care about people and you want us to be well.  I have never met a more "real" person in my life.  You know what is important - you get it.  Thank you for sharing all your wisdom with me, things I shall never forget.  Thanks to this experience I am going to become the healthy person I've always known I could be.  I don't think there are any chance encounters in this world.  You and I are old friends from another time and this was a reunion!  Circle of Life is a gift!  People who are lucky enough to experience it are lucky enough!  I will be in touch with you and keep you posted on how I am doing.  You are wonderful and I'll never be sick again (The Secret)!  Love always, Lisa, 02/07

I participated in Jill's Master Cleanse in Amatlan De Cañas this past December, 06. What a remarkable thing to not only experience the benefits of the Master Cleanse, but to experience the people and village of Amatlan De Cañas. There is something very special for most Americans so be able to walk down the cobblestone streets of a village where life is lived the way most of us only dream . Life where the children smile and the villagers share their courtyard herb gardens so we could have fresh basil in our soup! Where the ranchers take the "day off' so we can "borrow" their horses for a day of horseback riding. Where a $50 tip is equal to a gift from God. Where the reminders are everywhere of the way we should all strive to live our lives. I'll never for get it.

I have participated in many fast programs but this one was not only a feast (not) for the body...but a real feast for the soul. Jill and her team are a Godsend!.

PS - I highly recommend a few days before the fast in Guadalajara, and if you want an amazing place to stay, try the 5 star Villa Ganz! They are tops! C Mandell, LA, CA  Dec., 06

Hi Jill, I had met you at the Morikami Festival many years ago.  I was filing my cards away and found your card.  You gave me a great massage also.  Since I have seen you, I went into Personal Training full time, have taken a Reflexology Course, which has led me to Massage School.  Currently I am in Massage School  so I will be able to do Reflexology.  This is the path I am supposed to be on, spiritually. I just want you know, you have been a inspiration to me.  I only met you once, but what an impression you made.   Peace and Love, Sheree Thomas  2/07

I am doing really well, I feel a sense of normalcy and soundness of mind, my visit with you really meant a lot, more than you know, and I thank you.  S.P. Miami  1/07
For months I searched the internet for the perfect retreat and God led me to Jill. I came to Jill with a lot of "baggage". Overweight, low self esteem, migraine headaches, depression, muscle aches and pains in the neck and shoulders. I desperately needed a retreat from my life. I had given all there was to give to my family and I was empty.

I arrived Sunday night and Jill met me with wonderful fruits and vegetables. I found out that this was going to be 6 days of "my program" We talked and got to know each other. She gave me a nice juice and a wonderful massage. That night I was at peace and I knew that I had made the right move to change my life around.

Monday was rough. My body began to detoxify and it was not a pretty sight. She cared for me as a mother would care for her child, with essential oils, reflexology and with kind loving encouragement. I could not have made it through that first day without her.

Because of my headaches, Jill asked if I would like to be referred to an Acupuncturist . I said I would and she introduced me to Dr. Aaron. What a gentle giant of a man. He made a diagnosis I trusted and will continue to take the herb he prescribed..

The next few days she gently prodded me to exercise. We walked on the beach where I was able to just let the world disappear. We did yoga every day which I loved. We swam and did water exercises. Relaxed in the hot tub. She showed me her kitchen and taught me to make healthy crackers. I met her dear sweet mom. Jill gave me many, many tools and life lessons, so that I could go back home and put them into practice. She was willing to do anything I wanted to do and she was totally attentive.

I had a few distractions from home, so the only thing I would do differently is to choose one of Jill’s locations, not so close to my home. I’m on the 10th day of fasting and when I am ready, she has promised to still be available to help me transition into eating solid food again. Thanks so much Jill, you’re the greatest! May God Bless you abundantly in your life’s work. Tanya,  April, 2006


I'm still trying to digest all of the fun and information you provided and guided me towards.  WOW! I feel on fire and committed and forever changed.  I cannot thank you enough for your special brand of TLC.  It was outstanding!  You are also so much fun to be with.  May God Bless you in this special kind of Healing Ministry you are so actively engaged in!  I know our paths shall cross again!    With love and appreciation.   Connie MacKenzie, March, 2006.  Canada

My Healer...I truly believe you came into my life for a reason. I found you not by chance but by design. It was intended to be. I am truly grateful for that. Thought I would check mail before bed and I got an email "out of the blue" from a friend on the West coast...It's a video that the "meat industry" does not want people to 'see'...but I saw it tonight and it made me quite ill. It graphically depicts what really happens to cows, baby cows, pigs & chickens. I really had no idea it was as brutal and cruel as it is. Ironically, again, another person in my life arrives with yet another message for me. {The Lady who sent me the email}. After seeing this, I don't know if I could really ever eat meat or chicken again unless I knew they was humanely treated and allowed to live as God intended. I will have to find a healthy appropriate balance that I can live with, that is becoming more clear to me daily. Divine Intervention I believe. Again. That seems to be happening to me every day lately and I hardly get out that much but the message keeps coming to me. I warn you, it is a horrible video, I will NOT sleep having seen this. I am in total shock tonight. Again, I had no idea it was like this, how could I have known.. or anyone else for that matter I am disgusted that the FDA allows this to happen. Bastards. How can they allow such cruelty. With great hesitation I am sending the video to you but I don't want to offend you at all however if you want to see it, the web site that was sent to me What the Meat Industry Does Not Want You To See"   Kathleen, 2006

We both want to thank you very much for the week we spent in Florida. We learned several things that we will not forget. We will put them in practice. We now have a juicer that we use every day. we have juice all day, I take them to work with me and we have one reasonable meal in the evening. So far, we both feel great and we will try to keep the spirit up as long as possible.  Be healthy!    Josette and Yolene   July, 2005

I am recently retired from the NYC fire department, where I had worked for twenty three years, the most intense of which was on 9/11.  When I came to Jill in April, 2005, I was a major mess....from a chronic sinus infection, Lyme disease and even arsenic poisoning....I just felt lousy.  After two weeks of juice fasting with Jill, I'm a new man.  This is what she helped me to random body pains, less headaches, less yeast in my toes and on my tongue, less fatigue, less wobbly legs and arms, clearer eyes and eye sight, less stress and anxiety, less grumbling in my GI tract, steadier hand writing, feeling more fresh, more desire to get out and exercise, less morbid thoughts and obsessing, less swelling, less sweats, less smoking (and the end will come to that)....and no sugar, yeast or caffeine.  NOT BAD!   I also lost 22 lbs and still losing.   Jim, 2005 

Letter from my brother's neighbor, Clare Adams.  I counseled her over the e-mail for a problem she was having with cervical cancer.  Recent e-mail follows:

The truth is I have not felt this good in YEARS!! When you feel so good, you NEVER want to go back to the other side of food. :-) I don't know if I can go 100% raw yet, but it seems easier every day.

When I was told i had a definite cancerous lesion on the cervix through colposcopy, I was devastated. Here I am, 36 years old, and I thought I took care of myself. Well, I am so thankful for the news as it has turned out to be a life saver. I can't imagine how I would feel 10 more years going the way I was .

No one ever told me to quit dairy for my allergies. To think all these years I could have helped myself. I suffered miserably from the pollen, dust and cat and mold. I got chronic ear infections for the past three years while not being treated for my low thyroid and then under treated. I tried every homeopathic for my allergies and ears, and I still ended up on antibiotics at least once a month. Now, I wonder if I had eliminated dairy all those years ago if I could have avoided the whole thyroid issue at all.

Once the first week of no sugar, flour, meat, eggs or dairy is over, the body adjusts. I went from eating some cooked grains and vegetables with salad and fruit to juicing vegetables and mostly raw with an occasional cooked bean item like humus or salsa or a little miso soup. I wonder if I will make it completely raw? I did get the cookbook "vibrant Living" and now that I am feeling so vibrant from the initial three weeks, I am ready to try some new recipes in the dehydrator and vary our meals.

It's like some one handed me over the key to wellness and good health. I had prayed for help in healing as surgery was not a path I wanted. It put the fear in me-fear of losing parts of my body, fear of cancer returning. Now I feel free, happy, filled with joy and love. My senses seem more aware, I am so much more relaxed and gentle, easy going, attentive. No more edginess, quick temper, feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated. Maddie wants to spend time with me and walks and picks berries with me. Jake is crawling in my lap for stories. Steve is just so THRILLED to have a gentle and happy wife that he is hugging and touching me at every opportunity and spending time at night talking and reading with me instead of "one more game of solitare" on the computer.

It's a great life, and I wish they had taught me some of this in school or college.

We feel so good we will trade in our travel trailer for a fifth wheel (more room with slide outs) and head on the road come Oct for trips every month-time to explore, enjoy life and be together. I am so thankful Steve told our neighbor, your brother, Steve, to get in contact with you. I feel inspired, supported and positive about the whole path I am on. Thank you very much, Jill. You have no idea how you have saved me from the dreaded C word. :-)   Clare

Jill, Thanks again for all that you and your wonderful associates did for us during the week we spent with you.  My daughter and I came to you with the goal of using your juice fasting program to get closer together and having a relaxing week at the beach.  My daughter has been applying her natural food program in her life for the past year and I thought I would join her to better understand her enthusiasm and what was going on in her life.  It has been twenty years since we had any extended time together and what better time to do it than on a fasting pilgrimage together.

Our expectations for the week were far exceeded! We considered you and all of your associates to be knowledgeable, skilled and truly led us in directions that revealed God’s grace to us on a number of levers.  By week’s end we felt great in both mind and body.  Even though I am 67 years of age and feeling it in both body and spirit, you have renewed me in ways I never expected possible.  My arthritis pains have nearly disappeared and during the week I felt very near to God and the world around me.  You have great teaching skills.  I no longer believe the saying that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  Thanks for giving me a renewed faith in God and ways to do much better in taking care of my body as well as human and spiritual relationships.  

My daughter, Wendi, and I agree that your personal attention to us throughout the week, your enthusiasm for a raw food diet, teaching ability, sense of humor and loving care has changed our lives for the better.  We came hoping for a gift of God’s grace through fasting.  We counted many answers to our prayers throughout the week and you were definitely one that we both agreed upon.  George McFarland, Retired Methodist Minister  June, 2005

I would highly recommend a retreat with Jill. I have been fortunate to have had more than one experience with juice fasting. Jill has been the superior teacher. She was there to guide me before the fast. With her expert guidance and experience I did not experience any discomfort. She makes it a very personal experience. She was a joy to be around and has a wealth of life changing knowledge which she only shares if you want her to. Jill has made an imprint on my life and I consider her a hero.

I wasn't trying to lose weight but I did lose 9 pounds by following her pre-fast and fast instructions. I love my new body and the over all sense of health and well-being. I now feel confident through Jill's instruction and personal attention that I could fast on my own quite easily. Thank you, Jill, from the bottom of my heart.   Wendi Graves  6/05

For anyone who is facing health challenges and wants to take charge of their own well being, I strongly recommend working with Jill Schneider. Jill is the real deal. She is extremely knowledgeable about health matters. More importantly, she has walked the talk. Like many of us, Jill was intimidated and terrorized by the high priests (doctors) of medicine when she was a young women. Somehow she found great inner strength and resolve and embarked on a personal quest for healing and wellness. Her experience in overcoming a serious disease through alternative means is a wonderful and miraculous story. My wife and I had a great experience with Jill in beautiful Delray Beach, Florida for about a week in January, 2005. Jill takes care of everything. She brings groceries, inspirational books, cd's, newsletters and yes, a juicer. She is also highly trained in yoga and massage and is networked with some wonderful people. Jill is the best guru, yogi, counselor, confidante, nutritionist, etc. we have ever found. Jill, my wife and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts (and colons). You have enabled us to make profound changes in our lives. We love you! G. Dino Tolias DDS

Thank you Jill for a wonderful experience. I couldn't have gone through the ten days of Master Cleanse without your guidance. It was a very empowering time and I have a whole new outlook towards my health. After losing 13 pounds on the Master Cleanse, I feel 'cleansed' and ready to continue with my new eating habits.

Because of your gentle, caring personality, and the great example you set, you are the perfect lifestyle coach. I would recommend the Circle-of-Life program to anyone. It's the way to go for a huge jumpstart in the right direction towards a healthier lifestyle.  Jolene Sikich  4/05

Before working with Jill I had engaged in many self-directed fasts with a fair amount of success. I had no idea how very helpful and easier it would be to have a guide and a companion in fasting until I experienced it with Jill. She coached and walked my sister and me through the steps of a 7 day fast and gave of herself 200%. Her approach was customized to our individual differences and needs. For starters, it was wonderful having her buy the food and bring it so we didn't have to go to the store. However the benefits reached far beyond that.

We were supported by wonderful juices, education, massages and compassionate guidance when my emotional challenges were stirred. I suspect I wouldn't have felt safe enough to look at the emotional challenges of "hunger" had I been attempting to manage a fast on my own. In the following weeks I have experienced amazing breakthroughs. I could not recommend Jill more highly. Hattie P. 2005

Dear Jill,

I know you think we forgot about you. We miss you too and we both think about you every day. I will write that testimonial for you but I just wanted to let you know how things are going. I FEEL GREAT! I've kept the weight off and even lost another pound. I am juicing almost every day. I make extra and bring to to work with me in a mason jar. I usually end up sharing it and drinking some throughout the day. Four people that we work with have bought juicers (so far). My skin hasn't looked this good in years, neither has my body for that matter. On most days, I am eating about 75% raw. Some days a little better, some days worse. My favorite raw food is the veggie and nut pate. It's never the same twice but we all love it. My energy levels have increased tremendously. My sons love the juice too and they also get into making some terrific juices.

Thank you for all your nurturing and sharing of your wealth of knowledge.

It was a great week and I came away with a new, much healthier relationship with food. I feel that I regained the confidence in my body to heal itself.

That's been missing for a long time and I very much needed to get that back. Our week together did it!

Lisa continues to juice and Darryl is into it too. Now, we compare our latest combinations with each other. Lisa looks terrific too. She has kept the weight off too and while she has always had beautiful skin, now it's radiant!. With love and thanks.   Terry (Atlanta) 2005

Dear Jill,

I just really loved your program.  It was so what I needed.  You really made it painless to not eat and I never imagined that I would feel so wonderful after not eating for days!  I really cannot remember ever feeling so clean, clear and truly high in my life!    Lisa, 2005

Dear Jill

You came into my life when the doldrums were beckoning, and you lifted me up with your knowledge and wisdom.

Because you are such a good teacher, I've never forgotten the lessons you taught me about living my best life. You told me, "Oxygen is food". As I open my windows everyday and take in gulps of fresh morning air, as I sit on a bench at some park or walk by the beach in Durban, I remember the "food" I breathe in.

I will always be thankful to God for directing my faltering steps in your direction. For I was searching, groping in the dark for alternatives, for ways to attain the necessary balance in my health and in my life.

I was directed to the website. I read your testimony. I made that long distance call, thousands of kilometers away, across the Atlantic ocean, and the voice on the other side was warm, assuring and welcoming. I knew instantly that I had found in you a sister and friend.

You counseled me, you encouraged me through my first ever juice fast and my life has changed for the better. Our well-being is surely anchored in nature - a gift from our God.

This year it is my wish to attend one of your retreats. With good planning and God's blessings this will be possible.

In two short words Jill -THANK YOU.

Best wishes for 2005! May you continue to grow from strength to strength as you continue to touch so many of us with kindness, wisdom and love.   Lynette from South Africa

I found Jill’s juice fasting program by looking for retreat vacations on the Internet. I had determined to have some kind of ‘rest cure’ vacation after a bad bout of asthmatic bronchitis following a respiratory infection.  Before that, I had been struggling with quitting cigarette smoking for months. It seemed every time I reduced the smoking, something else flared out of control in my life. I needed support and didn’t want to gain a lot of weight in the process of nicotine withdrawal, since I have a tendency to have a problem with that issue as well.

I spent 6 days in Delray Beach with Jill, juice fasting and putting the focus on my health. Jill was very informative during the preparation stage, so before I even arrived for the fast, I had prepared by eliminating caffeine, alcohol, meat, and dairy products for the preceding weeks. I also read books and Internet articles about fasting and looked forward to it as a transformative experience. I was very surprised to go through the entire fast without feeling any extreme hunger, and the nicotine withdrawal was the easiest I had experienced, compared to many previous attempts. Jill was with me every day of the process, and I found her company to be caring and supportive. Away from all my usual ‘triggers’ for past behavior, I got beyond the acute initial period of transition while learning options for a healthier way of treating my body.  I returned home and the return back to solid food was also a learning experience that took the emphasis off my previous habits and gave me a chance for a fresh start with my health. I have been home for over one month and have not returned to smoking or any other form of nicotine replacement. Even though I am back in the winter weather of the Upper Midwest , I am not troubled by any lingering respiratory symptoms. I still remember the feeling of warm Florida sunshine and the sound of waves on the shore. Thank You, Jill, for being the caring person you are through the time we spent together.    Alleen – January 2005.

Dearest Jill,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Again, always the giver. Such an unselfish person you are. I am thankful for having you in my life, even though I have never seen you.

Today, another cancer survivor got married. Carla is her name, she used all holistic methods and is doing very well. The theme of her wedding was cancer awareness. Everyone was asked to wear something pink, and at the reception she asked everyone to give up fluoride toothpaste as the first step to cleaning out their systems of toxins. It was very touching and also very elegantly done. She had financial donors and the television stations covered it. It was so very cool. She is trying to get the woman in the black community to realize that the don't have to be cut, radiated, and chemoed to death to fight or get rid of cancer. She had what at first i thought was a very strange idea, but it was so tastefully done. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you for your wisdom and love! I taught her the things that you taught me, and look what happened. We are changing the world one woman at a time. I could not have done it without you. I thank you, and Carla thanks you.

May this new year bring you peace and much joy as you struggle through life's trials. Continue to be blessed and a blessing to all you touch.

I love and appreciate you Jill In Faith and Healing Always, Anita B. Muhammad Baltimore, Maryland 2005

From Eric (37)   September, 2004


I decided to go on some kind of health vacation to interrupt my addictions to overeating, caffeine and sugar. For over 10 years, I had been consuming 3-4 times more food, alcohol, caffeine et al. than anyone. It was destroying my physical, mental and emotional condition, rapidly now through my mid-thirties. The goals for the retreat were to beat caffeine (like 18 shots of espresso a day), and the every-late-night-eating before I lie down for hours of fearful, agitated thoughts, maybe 3 hours of disturbed sleep, to get up late, exhausted and scared. I was not at all hopeful that I could reduce the 6-8 thousand calories per day, or drop any of the extra 45 pounds for any amount of time.


I had heard fasting relieves the burden on digestion, which takes 40% of the body’s energy (or 95% for me). I would try a juice fast, though I was certain I’d own stock in Pizza Hut by day two.


I consulted Lord Google and found some offerings. I checked with several and Jill Schneider was easily the top choice. Her candid web site implied experience, understanding and confidence in success. She had healed her own cancer with juice fasting, her program is personal, she knows yoga and meditation and it’s on the beach in South Florida. When contacted, she was responsive, personable and collaborative, like a peer more than a teacher.


I juice fasted 5 days with Jill. It was the most profound experience of my life and accomplished what was unimaginable. I was never uncomfortable from hunger. Each day, mental clarity, body sensitivity and the feeling of well being increased dramatically. By day 3, I felt a new euphoric sensation, like after fantastic sex, or the best buzz ever, but utterly purified with extreme sensitivity to myself and everything. This feeling peaked about day 5, dominated while I continued fasting for 19 days total, and persists strongly now that I’m eating again, though it feels normal to me now.


I cannot convey the profound effects of the mental and emotional clarity, and extreme body sensitivity attained in the fast and persistent with a mostly light, raw diet. This state is centered, self-aware, focused and calm. It feels amazing, every experience presents new subtleties, most are way better than before (TV got worse, much worse). I’m not rushed or nervous any more. I’m highly focused and effective at work. I don’t get rattled or triggered easily now during unpleasant situations, which are far fewer because I am sensitive to my own and others’ focus and emotional states.


Better mention the good part. Anything that disturbs this feeling is very obvious, very easy to locate and thus to adjust or react to. I mean everything in my consciousness; food or drinks, air, noise, temperature, interactions with others, internal emotions etc... Feeling strongly any disturbance and its source makes it easy to adjust in order to remain centered, or if I am uncentered, to clearly realize it, and understand that will be reflected in my thoughts and actions. If I eat something unhealthy or too much, I get agitated and feel nauseas. Given that, I’ll be skipping the caffeine and alcohol. I would have to endure a lot of discomfort desensitizing myself in order to eat, drink or be the external-stimulation junkie I used to be. Before I thought change was not possible, now I can’t imagine being like I was.


I lost 20 lbs in 19 days, but next to the other changes, that means very little. I would still be very happy with the outcome if I had gained 20 lbs.


About Jill, she is a very interesting person and a gifted, experienced healer. She was non-judgmental, sensitive to what I needed and capable of providing it. I expect she can handle a wide variety of needs that might arise for anyone doing a health retreat.


There’s much more and I would love to talk about it. Please email me if you want to discuss anything.

Thank you for all your great guidance and mentorship! It has been great having you around..:) It's has also been a lot more than just a week fasting. I feel, it has given me a different perspective and approach to the way I will eat and live moving forward; yet the weight is still one of the drivers, it is definitely not the main one. I hope I get to my 50's looking and feeling the same way you do!          Lorena  - November, 2004

After suffering the devastating loss of a beloved family member, I decided that among other things, I needed to get a handle on my well-being from the inside out.  Years of misinformation and neglect had put me in a confused and unhealthy state.  I found the Circle of Life Holistic Program while searching the internet.  There were many and I bypassed the CLHP but returned because there was a sense of realism about this site.  I am elated that I did!  Jill Schneider is a treasure!  She is knowledgeable, compassionate, encouraging, energetic and basically a wonderful person.  Her real life-changing experiences are a testimony to how this type of program can benefit us all.  I came to the program heartsick, overweight, dull-skinned, but I had an open mind and a willingness to learn and overturn all of what I had been taught all through my life.  In just 6 short days, I came away with the obvious, weight loss (including inches), radiant skin and a spring in my step.  But most importantly, I learned how to nourish my body and soul, how to juice fast, how to select organic foods, how to research printed materials and most of all how to relax.    TN, New Jersey - August, 2004

Taking some time out of my daily life to spend with Jill Schneider was more than a personal retreat - it was an introduction to a whole new way of life.  I learned so much about health, the human body, and its potential to heal itself if we only treat it right. I learned about toxins and how the body processes them, and how we have to keep the body clean if it is to be healthy.  I learned how to eat, how not to eat, and how that makes a difference in my health.  And I learned not by reading books but by observing my own body. I've been back more than 10 days and people continue to ask me what I did to make myself so "pretty".  I strongly recommend the program - your eyes will shine and your skin will glow.  You'll be glad you did.I signed up for a two day juice fast without really knowing what to expect.  I just knew I needed a change.  I needed to lose some weight.  I needed to break my addiction to caffeine and to foods that were harming my health more than fueling it.  Most of all, I needed to face some big decisions in my life that I’d been unable to resolve.   Mary Zacherro Smith, July 2004

What was my experience?  First, I was tremendously impressed with Jill Schneider.  The depth of her knowledge about health and nutrition was phenomenal and two days was not enough time to even brush the surface of all she had to share.  Second, the juice fast itself was great!  I had anticipated feeling weak, cranky, and generally miserable.  Instead, I felt physically (and mentally) better than I had in a long time.  I had so much energy, it amazed me.  Third, and perhaps more influential than any other aspect of the program, was the influence of Jill, as a role model.  This is perhaps what I most strongly take away with me as I jump back into a hectic and often stressful lifestyle.  I think of Jill, how she eats, how she takes care of her physical body, and how these things in turn impact her mental and emotional well-being.  It is a powerful lesson that I will not forgot and that I will strive to integrate into my life from this point forward.   Lisa M. 2004

toby, denise, jillMy daughter and I did a nine day juice fast last March.  One week of that was supervised by Jill.  My experience of Jill was that she is knowledgeable, motivating, caring, fun.  She told us what to expect and how to break the fast once we were at home.

She taught us many things relating to juicing, health and quality of life.  After the fast our skin was glowing, we had more energy, lost weight and finished the fast feeling like new people.  Go for it!! Yours truly,  Denise Reed  2003

I cannot say enough good things about Jill.  I had a painful hip for years, and the doctors wanted to give me a hip replacement.  I took one therapeutic session from Jill and the pain disappeared, and now I try to see her as often as I can.  Besides she is a very kind, humane lady with great insight.  Lari Stanton - May 2003

Jill's retreat was just what I needed, a beautiful place to come & relax & a support consultant (Jill) to give me all the tools & info I needed to detox & cleanse my mind & body!! It has been over a month & I still feel amazing. I am trying to incorporate the raw diet ideas I learned from Jill & the books she left me to read. I can't wait to go back again next summer!
I found Jill's website on the internet, no referrals, just a leap of faith!! I went with my instincts & as always they were right! It was so wonderful to have the time all to myself to relax, renew & detox my body!

Jill did all the hard work, the amazing massages, the juicing & cleaning the juicer, she made us feel right at home & again, I look forward to my return next summer. I went with my mom & she is going back this November she enjoyed it so much! It is the perfect location, I could walk to the Health Food Store, & a great small town area with quaint shops. And the best part, the beach was literally across the street! It was perfect! Every morning I got in the ocean & then laid by the pool! Pure Relaxation!  Thanks Jill, I look forward to doing it again!!!!       Blair 2003

Three years ago I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer.   The doctors boldly insisted upon a hysterectomy.  I knew within my heart that invasive surgery was not for me.  So, instead I searched for an alternative method - one that was natural.  I knew that this would require me to take total responsibility for my own health.  At the same time, I was being pushed in many directions by doctors and by my family.  I needed to take action fast, but at times all of the input was very confusing.  That’s when I was led to Jill Schneider. After speaking with her, and reading her story of triumph over cancer, I was able to find the courage within myself to begin my own journey of healing from within.  Knowing that she had recovered naturally gave me strength to do the same.  I am now a survivor of cancer for 3 years and going strong.  I have great appreciation for Jill and for the stand she takes in life, each day guiding others towards a natural way of living and healing. She truly is an inspiration for me and for many others to follow.      Jodi V.  2002

Jill has an incredible soul and great healing abilities. She came into my life at the very hard time when I need her. Her loving heart gave me peace and courage to go on, to love myself , to believe in myself and build a new life. I will never forget that experience to find a loving friend who helped my soul to soar. With love and gratitude. Susanna B.  2002

You may not remember me, but I spoke to you a few months ago (April, 03) since I had been diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells in the cervix for two years and they were getting worse.  So, it was time to make some changes or go for the surgery!  Anyway, after just speaking with you and listening to all of your wonderful helpful advice, I changed my diet, started juicing, went for colonics (which I hadn't even heard of before), did yoga, meditation...lots of change to "help" my body reverse the cellular process and create some healthy, normal cells.

Well, six months later...I am writing to you to say a huge thank you.  Thank you seems very lame, but I really mean a deep, sincere, grateful thank you.  My pre-cancerous lesion is shrinking and my results actually came back normal!  The doctor thinks within a year I should be okay if I continue this way!  Thank you, thank you thank you, you are such an angel.  Melanie, New York City  2003

The results I experienced from Jill’s work was miraculous to say the least.  When I came to Jill, my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being was always in and out of balance.  I had worked with counselors and spiritual healers that all contributed to my improvement, and established a sense of balance for me, but it wasn’t until my physical needs were addressed that all the other work was able to become more permanent.  It was the diet that shifted the physical dis-ease in my body to allow it to be released and make room for healthy thoughts and patterns.  I spent 2 weeks on a regimented program she designed, that showed remarkable results. The core of the holistic retreat was the pure raw vegetable juice fast.  After three days of pure juicing, I started to notice the physical improvements.  My skin looked better, my heart felt better, my stomach was starting to feel less agitated.  The greatest improvement, however, came from the daily massage and meditation.  What this provided was a release of the mental blockages of past childhood issues that had altered my thoughts, and left me in a state of denial that I was thankful to have had someone to support me through.  It made me a true believer in holistic health and how our emotions, if not dealt with, alter our physical, mental, and spiritual balance.  My work with counselors only helped me understand what was happening.  I wasn’t physically able to change on a permanent level until my health was in balance.  An iridology scan from before and after showed a remarkable shift in my physical state.  The organs that the scan showed to be chronic or serious problems, were no longer threatening.  Through a variety of holistic treatments (colonics, gall bladder flushes that passed at least 100 stones, enemas), my body rid itself of toxins that I had been carrying around for decades.  Jill’s support and treatment provided the means and environment that made it safe for me to detoxify my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. 

I am grateful to Jill for all her work, her commitment to her beliefs, and her unselfish desire to share her gift with those like me who desperately wanted to get better and stay better.  She is a bright light to those who have reached a point of seeing only darkness, and for me a ray of hope that I may be able to model that ray of light to others.   Debbie Paniagua,  2002